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Thursday, May 12, 2022

'Yowie' Group Threatens Father & Son in the Northern Territory

An Australian boy and his father encounter a trio of Yowie while camped in the Northern Territory. They approached in a threatening manner, and the father eventually shot at one.

I recently came across the following account:

"In Australia, we don't really have any "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch," or so I had thought. The Aboriginals here believe in things called Quinkin or hairy men which are tall (maybe 6"5) and covered in hair.

When I was about 13-years-old my family moved from Darwin too Cairns (which are very far apart roughly 3000 kms of road). My little brother and mum decided too fly over whilst me and my old man just decided too road trip it. It took about 4 days because we stopped a lot too fish and shoot roos (kangaroos).

One evening, we stopped to set up camp around the corner from a creek (far enough that crocodiles wouldn't munch us). We decided we would sleep under the stars because central Northern Territory doesn't get too much rain.

That night the moon lit up the whole scrub. You could see shooting stars and every silhouette. I went too sleep feeling comfy and calm in my swag with the cold dry air blowing past.

Later on, I woke because I heard footsteps and rustling near our camp. I looked over at dad and said, "Did you hear hear that?" I was terrified. I looked up and maybe 100m from us where 3 tall hunched creatures staring at us and our camp. I started too really freak out. I saw dad had grabbed the .270 out of its case and was loading it when the things started too slowly move towards us. Dad (being cautious, it wasn't just people) fired a shot in the air too warn them. (Side note: central Northern Territory is scary because a lot of people have been just straight up bushwhacked there, so you can understand his caution). They ignored dad and kept coming faster. He bolted in a new round and said "Oy! Stop!" then fired at one of the creatures. It slumped and ran off with the other 2 into the scrub. My heart was pounding and I was paralyzed with fear. Dad came back and said get some sleep then turned on the flood lights on his old Hi Lux and sat up the rest of the night.

I didn't sleep that night. I don't know what I saw, but it wasn't human. I do a fair bit of work on cattle stations around in north Queensland, and to this day I refuse to sleep outside of a locked workers quarters.

That's my story of the hairy men." PA

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