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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Young Boy's Shocking Gaped Smile at South East London Train Station

A London man describes a shocking experience that he had while on a DLR train. He's observing a woman and a small boy, when suddenly the boy's mouth gapes wide open. Bizarre account.

I recently received the following account:

"Hi Lon

I would like to describe a weird experience I had, one that I can't decide was something I actually saw or hallucinated or what.

I live in the U.K., in South East London - yesterday, 8th May, I was on a DLR train (a light automated metro system in this area of London), at about 2.45 pm on the way to meet friends. The train had just arrived at Deptford Bridge Station, and as I looked out at the platform a couple of people walked by - an Afro-Caribbean woman of around 35-40 years, who was holding the hand of a young boy, probably her son, of around, I'd say, 5 or 6 years of age. Nothing about this pair was remarkable, not how they were dressed or how they were acting - I was merely gazing out of the train window and they happened to cross my sight, just part of the crowd.

As they moved from the right to the left of my field of vision, the small boy glanced at me and smiled - but his smile was one of the most extraordinary things I have ever seen. His entire face seemed to split in half, and his mouth ran almost from ear to ear. His teeth, too, appeared huge, far larger than those of a child his age, indeed they appeared as big as a horse's teeth. 

I must say, the surprising thing to me was that I did not experience any great surprise or shock, if that makes sense. I merely registered what I was seeing as if it was an everyday occurrence. Nothing about the boy's smile or demeanour appeared remotely threatening or aggressive, and I wasn't in any way creeped out or frightened. I'd say, apart from the utterly unusual aspect of the smile, it being way too large for a human face to accommodate really, it was pleasant enough, a small boy just smiling at me.

I should also say that no one else, either on the train or the platform, appeared to notice anything odd about this pair, and the whole thing took no more than 10 seconds.

So what or who did I see? As I must stress, I didn't sense any ill-intent from the boy or his guardian, in fact she never looked at me -  he just struck me as something very out of the ordinary, even though I didn't feel shocked or anything. In repose, his face appeared completely normal.

To put things in context, I have seen shadow people my entire life, on and off - not during episodes of sleep paralysis, but wide awake. I also occasionally experience premonitions that are subsequently proved correct. So I would definitely describe myself as a believer in at least the possibility of  the paranormal.

So, there it is, not particularly dramatic. I did mention it to my friends when we met up but no one really believed me. I'd be interested if anyone has ever reported seeing anything similar?

Regards, Anthony"

NOTE: I believe Anthony has predisposed psychic abilities that allow him to see certain 'entities or events' that others may not. He did mention his ability to see shadow beings and experience premonitions which, I believe, classifies him as being highly intuitive, and possibly a 'beacon.' Lon

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