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Thursday, May 05, 2022

Screaming 'Not Deer' Chases Friends in Sleepy Hollow, NY

A group of friends encounter a weird deer at night while sitting by a camp fire. It had no tail, far-set eyes and had an awful stench, like death. It started screaming, and chased the group.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"Here in Sleepy Hollow, New York, we have all types of crazy things. 'The Headless Horseman' is not one of them. Ghosts, demons, and aliens. Every summer you see ghost hunters here, but never in the winter, until last year.

We were playing paintball in the winter time. A group of ten players. We played for an hour before we ran out paintballs and retreated to the rock bridge to build a fire, like we usually do. My brother George and I heard something to the right and, because there are leaves on the trees and there's snow on the ground, the moon was bright and it illuminated this deer. It wasn't a normal-looking deer. It had no tail and the eyes were too far apart. It also had an awful stench, like death.

I told my brother not to make a sound. Now George is not one for ghost and didn't believe in fairy tales, but when he saw this he was beside himself. Before we could turn around, it saw us and screamed at us! The rest of the crew heard it and wondered why we were freaking out. We ran past them yelling 'Let's go. Let's go. Now. Now!' They saw what we saw and they took off with us.

This thing was super fast. The exit was a good mile run on the Aqueduct Trail. It took us ten minutes to get back to the road. We see the light on the road coming as were getting close, but this 'thing' was right behind us screaming. We get to the light on the road and it stopped. It's looking at us screaming. The neighbors came out, cussing at us for all the noise and that she called the cops. Then she saw what we saw and ran inside screaming.

As the cop's show up, the thing took off. But my brother and I took a picture of this thing we got some great shots. We showed them this thing and they told us not to come out here at night. Long story short, we never talk about this and I don't like talking about now. My cousin is a cop here in town. He was one of the cop's that responded that night. He still, until this day, is scared to drive up there at night. So yes, things you can't explain are real, come to Sleepy Hollow, NY. You never know what you might just see." SD

NOTE: There were photos provided by the witness. Lon

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