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Wednesday, May 04, 2022

God’s Celestial Ambassador: The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges - Part XXXII


God’s Celestial Ambassador: The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges - Part XXXII

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on, while supplies last.

Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet

Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus

The Vast Venus Conspiracy

Lady Columba Venus Revelations

Flying Saucers and the Venus Legacy

On the Road with “Phenomena 7.7”

Working together with the world’s most noted UFO photograph archivist of the 1960s, August C. Roberts of New Jersey, Dr. Frank E. Stranges was able to include in his 1966 documentary film, Phenomena 7.7, a vast array of the clearest-yet photos taken of these mysterious objects as seen and reported by millions worldwide.  When on the road with the new movie, Dr. Frank was asked by Peter Reich, the aviation writer of the Chicago American newspaper (8 September 1966 edition), if he believed these UFO photos were genuine, to which the evangelist replied, “I believe that they strongly indicate the existence of spaceships from other worlds that have been visiting our planet.”   

Point of Origin for the Flying Saucers

“Where do the mysterious craft come from?” inquired Reich.

“I’m not sure,” answered Dr. Frank, adding that, “I think they might come from somewhere in our own solar system, or perhaps from some other planetary system many light years away.”

The reporter, somewhat puzzled by the reverend’s response, followed up with the following question: “But haven’t our close-up photographs of the Moon and Mars, and our instrument reconnaissance of Venus, ruled out life on those bodies?”

“Not so,” immediately replied Dr. Frank, emphasizing that, “Even on the Moon, which one might consider the least likely home for the UFOs, there exists the possibility, at least, of intelligent life beneath the surface.  The same applies to Mars.  And as for Venus, the fact that our Mariner II robot reported surface temperatures there of some 800 degrees Fahrenheit, doesn’t mean anything.”

“Please explain,” demanded Reich.  “You know that 800 degrees Fahrenheit is close to the boiling point of lead, and therefore much too hot for life, at least as we can imagine it.”

“Certainly,” said Dr. Frank, continuing, “I think that Mariner II was measuring the temperatures of a seething cloud layer surrounding Venus, and not the Venusian surface.”  Scientific consultants in the evangelist’s National Investigations Committee on UFOs (NICUFO), explained that Dr. Frank was referring to electrical heat as measured in the ionosphere of Venus, which much like the ionosphere of Earth, also measures such high temperatures generated from electrical heat.  


Wisdom from Maya in the Twitterverse….  Phosphines in Venusian atmosphere=more complex ecosystem.

Curtain of Secrecy Surrounding UFOs

“It’s not just the space agency of the United States,” said Dr. Frank; “but there exists an international curtain of secrecy that has been lowered around these mysterious craft.”

“Why do you say that?” inquired Reich.

“There are two reasons.

“One, because many governments fear a panic would ensue, such as followed Orson Welles’ Invasion from Mars radio broadcast in 1938; and two, because many fear our international economy would be disrupted as a result.”

Credibility of UFOlogy as Serious Field of Research

Dr. Frank E. Stranges admitted that he wasn’t a scientist, per se, as he held a doctoral degree in divinity, and not a physical science like astronomy or chemistry.  “Nevertheless,” he said, “Republican Congressman Gerald R. Ford of Michigan has already come out forcefully demanding that scientific hearings be held in Washington, D.C., on the subject of UFOs.”

Chicago Premier of Documentary

Phenomena 7.7 premiered in Chicago at the McCormick Place on Saturday, 10 September 1966, with the first showing at 2:30 p.m. and the second at 8 p.m.  The title of the film, as explained at the beginning, refers to the approximate percentage of such UFO sightings received by the Air Force on a yearly basis that could not be classified as “explainable.”  Between the start of 1952 to the end of 1965, the Air Force’s UFO investigative body, Project Blue Book, had checked out more than 10,250 UFO sightings and concluded that approximately 9,600 of these could be explained within the context of quite normal objects such as conventional aircraft or satellites viewed under obscure weather conditions, astronomical or other natural phenomena, amounting to about 7.7 percent of such cases.  A small minority of reports could even be attributed to hoaxers, especially those cases involving the observation of occupants emerging from landed saucers.  

Reporter Reich contacted Project Blue Book and was referred to their scientific consultant, astronomer Dr. J. Allen Hynek of Northwestern University in Illinois, as to the remaining 650 or so cases of “unexplained sightings.”  According to this expert, “Even these so-called ‘unexplained sightings,’ give no indication that they are either a danger to us or are the product of an extraterrestrial civilization.”

From Keller Venus Files:  Photograph of typical flying saucer taken over empty field in the immediate northwest of Albuquerque, New Mexico, by local automobile mechanic Apolinar “Paul” Villa on 16 June 1963.  This photo was selected by Dr. Frank E. Stranges for inclusion in his documentary film, Phenomena 7.7.


(Editor’s Note:  Stay tuned to this website for Part XXXIII, where Cosmic Ray provides further revelations from Dr. Frank E. Stranges as he answers questions that arose concerning his intriguing movie, Phenomena 7.7, following its premiere in New York.  Also, look for Cosmic Ray at the Mutual UFO Network Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Symposium on Saturday, 14 May, where he will have a special Venus table set up. - Lon)

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