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Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Creepy 'Flannel Man' Encountered in Mississippi Woods

A man and his father are bowhunting for deer in central Mississippi, when a creepy old man in a blue flannel shirt suddenly appears to both of them, off and on. Bizarre encounter.

I came across the following account from my old database:

"I have a story that still to this day gives me the creeps just thinking about it. I was bowhunting with my Dad on my uncle's places here in central Mississippi about 30 years ago. I was in a stand on the north end while Dad was back in the woods 400-500 yards away. It was a cold rainy day with the highs barely above 35.

I was in the stand for about an hour when I got that gloom and doom feeling. Not so much that watching me deal, just a real bad feeling. I kept watching the field wondering if Dad was ok. I started scanning the woods behind me just to help get rid of that feeling. That's when I saw him. Not Dad, but another man. He was about 50 yards away through some brush but it was clearly a man standing there. No movement, just starring. My first thought was someone else snuck in here hunting. But we didn't see any trucks parked any where along the gravel road and it was a good 5 miles to any house.

He seemed to be staring right at me which was a little unnerving. I waved at him but got no response. I looked out into the field to see if maybe he was looking out there instead at me. No deer or anything else out there. I looked back to the spot where the man was and he was gone. I scanned around and saw him much closer but behind me standing in the open between two cedars. He was close enough he had to look up to see me which he was. He looked to be about 60ish with a short gray black beard. He had a long sleeve, blue flannel shirt and faded pants. No coat, no gloves. He continued staring. I waved once more just to get a reaction but nothing.

At that point my bad feeling went straight to a time to fight for my life mode. I picked my bow off the hook and slid my seat so he could see me prepare to draw if needed. I heard a vehicle on the gravel road but didn't look away. He didn't look away either. Just then he made two steps and was gone behind the cedars. I looked up the road and saw it was the neighbor feeding his cows a big bale. I continued to scan the woods and nothing.

The fight feeling was gone and back to the gloom and doom. I thought about climbing down but I knew he was around somewhere plus I didn't want to have to explain to Dad that I was scared of a creepy old man and spooked the deer which where due to come out. I knew one thing, I wasn't going to be walking out after dark. I watched the woods and could care less if a buck came out.

30 minutes later, I saw movement out in the field and saw it was Dad. He was slowing walking back to the truck, stopping and looking behind him every so often. And he still had an arrow nocked which was rare. He got about 1/2 way back to the truck and he motioned towards me to head to the truck. I shimmied down the tree and made a bee line to the truck. I too watched behind me as I left.

When I got to the truck he was visibly shaken. He kept a bottle of whiskey under the seat and took a good swig. I asked him if he was ok and he just gave me a look. I asked him if he had seen the man too. Dad looked up and nodded yes. I told him what had happened to me and he just nodded. He didn't go into great detail but the man had paid him a visit but much closer.

 We never went back there to bow hunt again. Dad wouldn't even talk about later. I went with some friends there about 5 years later to do some quail hunting. We walked the fence rows but when we got near that old stand area I had that same feeling again and suggested we go to another place.

Who was that old man? Bum, hobo, homeless dude, poacher, ghost?

I don't know either but he wasn't and didn't act normal at all. He didn't blink and should have been shivering in the cold with just a shirt on.

My Dad grew up on that place hunting, fishing, camping and trapping and never once had anything like that before there." CR

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