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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Alien Abduction Experiencer in Chihuahua, Mexico

I received the following account from a reader in Chihuahua, Mexico several years ago. He describes a possible abduction that he experienced while he was in bed with his wife.

"Hello Mr LS,

First of all I would like to explain a little bit of how I am as a person. I have been always amazed about UFOS and extraterrestrial entities, same as paranormal stuff. I do apologize I had not practice my English to speak or to be professional on my writing.

I really would like to give you some point of views about some posts you had on your website. The Thomas Castello Declaration and the update on the Dulce underground base. To be exact, the map for the America's underground tunnels. The main point is that the map shows Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico as one of the underground bases here in Mexico and is the place where I’m currently living.

The situation is as follows - recently I have followed this blog in which I read the statements of Mr. Thomas Castello. Mr. Phil Schneider believed the two were in the same event. I suppose you had already noticed however reading your blog could find an image that was not noticed or read earlier in my own research on the web (I'm not a researcher, but I have done research personally). The image itself is as you discuss the map delineating the tunnels linking the secret bases in (southwestern) USA. However these tunnels are also directed to Mexico that as the image shown in the city of Chihuahua as another base.

In our city UFO sightings are common - some takeoffs in the city occur in an area called 'station terraces.' There have also been sightings of Bigfoot-type creatures & cryptic humanoids, who live in caves underground. I have personally experienced the following:

One night, in bed with my wife, I was between sleeping and awake when a being suddenly grabbed me by my feet and dragged me at breakneck speed. When we finally stopped moving, I was in a room without doors and 4 windows, one on each wall of the room. In my hand was an object resembling a screwdriver or something similar. When I stood I began entering through the windows. My memory is vague but I believe the aliens were a mix between the beings of the movie 'Alien', to the 'Zathura' movie. I remember being scared and started attacking these beings with the object I had in my hand.

Again I was dragged and ended up back in my bed. I thought it had been a bad dream. I asked my wife. She hugged me and did not let go until I returned to sleep. The curious thing about this is that when I woke up the next day, my ankles and the hand that held the object were sore. I've had nightmares before but always woke knowing it was all a dream. But this time I felt different. The event seemed to occur extremely fast - my wife had not noticed my absence as if time had stopped.

This was my personal experience, henceforth, only to wake at dawn. It occurred often between the same hours - between 3:30 am and 5:00 am. As for the paranormal field I have had several experiences. Perhaps there is some activity in the city which is unknown so far as Chihuahua.

If possible and with the permission of my wife, I would like to tell you about the paranormal experiences we have lived, which are more rough. Thanks. DBP"

NOTE: The witness referenced several posts, including:

Update: The Dulce Underground Base

Update: Dulce Base Disclosure - Thomas Castello - Part 1

Update: Dulce Base Disclosure - Thomas Castello - Part 2

I will note that DBP never got back to me after this initial correspondence. Lon 

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Mothman / Winged Humanoids Roundtable - Investigators & Researchers - PM Radio

Phantoms & Monsters Radio welcomes Mothman / winged humanoids investigators & researchers Tobias Wayland, Manuel Navarette, & Travis Shortt.

Tobias Wayland is a passionate fortean who has been actively investigating the unusual for over a decade; the first several years of his investigative career were spent as a MUFON field investigator, and following that he investigated independently prior to becoming the head writer and editor for the Singular Fortean Society. Tobias is a frequent guest on various podcasts and radio shows, has contributed to several books on the paranormal, and is often invited to speak at paranormal conferences and events. He was also featured in the Small Town Monsters documentary 'Terror in the Skies' and the series premiere of Expedition X for his work investigating Mothman sightings around Lake Michigan. He and his wife Emily have been involved with the Lake Michigan Mothman investigation since its advent in the spring of 2017, and recently published a book chronicling the experience, 'The Lake Michigan Mothman: High Strangeness in the Midwest.'

His years as an investigator have served him best by illustrating that when it comes to the anomalous, the preternatural, and the paranormal, any answers he's found are still hopelessly outnumbered by questions.

The Singular Fortean Society - www.singularfortean.com


Manuel Navarette is the founder and curator of UFO Clearinghouse and an active paranormal investigator. He is currently one of the chief investigators of the Chicago / Lake Michigan Mothman phenomenon (along with Lon Strickler and Tobias Wayland) and a member of the Phantom and Monsters Fortean Research Team. Manuel has been interested in the paranormal since the age of 17 and has had multiple sightings of UFO’s and recently of a winged humanoid at Chicago O’Hare Airport. The website he founded, UFO Clearinghouse is a website dedicated and committed to providing the most up to date information on recent UFO sightings, reported alien abductions, and cryptid sightings. It is designed as a place where information can be freely exchanged and accessed by paranormal researchers and investigators for the reason of furthering the search for the truth.

UFO Clearinghouse - ufoclearinghouse.wordpress.com


Travis Shortt is a native of Virginia.  He trained and served earlier in life as an ordained minister before pursuing a career in broadcasting and eventually media relations.  He developed an early interest in the paranormal and supernatural with a zeal for UFO’s, hauntings, and the occult.  He became interested in the events around the Mothman sightings after reading about the original events in a book by Jerome Clark. He, Charlie McCracken, and Matthew Fleming began an in depth investigation in 2003 that culminated in 2009 with the first feature documentary on the topic 'Dark Wings: The Mothman Chronicle.' 

He holds a degree in Communication from the University of Virginia’s College at Wise and pursued a Master’s Degree in Theology from Master’s International School of Divinity. He currently serves as Chief Marketing Officer for Vectors Partners, LLC a technology firm in Tennessee and is the founder of Phoenix Publicity, and along with Matthew Fleming, is one of the producers and researchers for 'Dark Wings: The Mothman Chronicle.' From 2006-2009 he served as featured speaker at the Mothman Festival addressing the spiritual and religious implications of the Mothman sightings.

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A Sudek, Crimea resident, relaxing on the Black Sea shoreline, is suddenly accosted by 3 blue-skinned reptoid humanoids. He is taken to a possible off-world location, with 5 hours of lost time. Many more personal eyewitness reports are included.

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