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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

9-Foot-Tall 'Sasquatch' Stalks Frantic Bowhunter in West Central Oregon

A bowhunter was on a deer hunting trip near a national forest south of Portland, Oregon. While there, he encountered a Sasquatch that tediously stalked him for several hours.

The following account was forwarded to me recently:

"The following story happened to one of my closest friends. It was told to me the next morning as he sat very upset and scared in his kitchen. This affected me deeply as this friend is one of the most fearless and capable people I have ever met. Just to show you how calm and unexcitable he is I will share one incident from his past:

While sleeping in the back of his pickup truck one night in a very remote part of the southeast Idaho desert he told me that he was startled out of a deep sleep by the uneasy feeling of being watched. Upon opening his eyes he was surprised to see a gray, hairy man-like face leaning over the side of the pickup bed watching him sleep. He quickly sat upright, startling the creature which he watched bound away in the moonlight through the sage brush and lava rock. When he told me this I asked, “What did you do?”

He answered, “I went back to sleep, I was tired.” As I said; not very excitable. So when I saw him that morning in his kitchen, scared and shaken it affected me deeply.

Here is what happened:

My friend and I had just moved to Portland, Oregon after college. One day he asked me if he could borrow my .357 magnum to take on a deer bowhunting trip. He was planning to go the next weekend near one of the national forests south of Portland (west central Oregon). He didn’t think he would need to use it but was concerned about the large bear population where he would be hunting. I loaned it to him.

He arrived at the hunting site deep in the woods at the end of a logging road around twilight. Wanting to start hunting first thing the next morning he rode his mountain bike in the dark to where he had hung his stand to spread some scent and make sure his shooting lanes were still open, etc. As he was crouched down dribbling doe in heat urine on a bush he felt the presence of something behind him. He stood and turned, reaching for the only light he had brought with him, one of those little key-ring LED lights that turn on when you squeeze it. He squeezed the light on and saw a large set of eyes about three feet off the ground reflect back at him. The LED light was too weak to show anything else, just the reflection of those eyes. Thinking it was normal that a bear or deer would mistake him for an animal, after all he was crouched down and smelled like deer urine, he stood up straight, clapped his hands and said, “Get outta here!” in a firm voice, expecting that the confused animal would bolt away when it realized he was human.

His actions did not bring the expected result. Instead of turning and running away, the eyes slowly rose to over nine feet tall and took a step towards him. He felt an overwhelming sense of dread and quickly pulled the .357 out of the holster. Holding the revolver in one hand and the squeeze LED light in the other he backed away from the eyes. Every step he took backwards the eyes matched by advancing towards him, but always staying just out of the ring of light emitted by the keyring. In a short time he was backed up against a large tree, which he used to protect his back while he watched the eyes observe him from ten feet away. The eyes would weave back and forth like a large animal adjusting his weight from side to side. They would rise and lower slightly like something was studying him from different angles. Even though he never could actually see the animal he had the sense of something huge. The way it moved, the sound of the leaves and dander under its feet as it walked, the impressive amounts of air that were inhaled and exhaled as it breathed, and most of all, the height of the eyes as they towered over him all indicated a creature of massive proportions. After an eternity he lost sight the eyes but he could hear the animal circling his position.

More than an hour had passed since the last noise or sighting of the eyes. Sitting with his back against the tree and a cocked .357 in his hand, he decided it would be safe to leave the area. It was now around 1 o’clock in the morning. He started walking to where he left his mountain bike. To his dismay he heard the animal paralleling him in the thick brush.

The beast followed him to his bike. Not wanting to lose his sense of hearing, his only warning of the animal’s position, he chose to push his bike back to the truck instead of riding it. It took him over four hours to push the bike back to his camp. When he thought the animal was too close, judging by the sounds it made in the underbrush, he would stop and wait. Every time he stopped the animal would inevitably start to circle him again. When it sounded like it’s circuitous route took it a little farther away my friend would start pushing his bicycle again, only to repeat the same routine every ten minutes or so throughout the tortuous night.

Finally, after a lifetime, he reached his vehicle and in an adrenaline and panic induced sprint he threw his bike in the back, started the truck and was headed down the mountain.

It took several miles before the heavy sense of doom started to recede. As the adrenaline wore off, the shakes started. He started shaking so bad that it was all he could do to keep his truck on the road until he pulled up to his house and into a kitchen chair. That is where I found him, a while later, when I went over to his house to feed and water his dog.

After he told me what had happened to him I offered to go back with him and retrieve his camping gear and tree stand. He refused the offer and left his possessions to nature rather than return to the area. It's at that point that he said that he was sure that it was a Sasquatch. Even though he hunts and fishes as avidly as ever, he will never go back to that spot and avoids the entire region passionately." SS

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