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Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Yellow-Eyed 'Crawler Humanoid' Observes & Follows Teens Through Woods

Two teen boys are hiking through the local woods at night, when they encounter a yellow-eyed crawler humanoid. Supposedly, the humanoid followed them back home. Strange account.

The following account was referred to me:

"My encounter took place about 4 years ago (2018). Back then, one of my best friends, Robert, would come over for sleepovers. I introduced him to the crawler humanoids. We always watched horror movies or videos of bizarre encounters as we loved to frighten ourselves before venturing out into the local woods. (I basically live a 2 minute walk away from the woods).

Until that night trip, we never encountered anything really creepy when venturing into the woods. Sometimes Robert would try to stand still in silence in hope of hearing something exciting (Ex. an animal walking over wood sticks creating sounds).

In order for you to better understand my thoughts later on, I want to give you a detailed explanation of our path.

It was after midnight when we headed out. Shortly after entering the forest, there is a small crossing with a left path and a right path. We took the right path, walking up a hill for about a quarter of an hour. After that we just pretty much followed the path reaching the peak of the hill and then ventured down again for about 10 minutes. We reached another crossing. The left path would lead us to another exit whereas the straight path would let us continue walking on to another hill.

About half an hour going up the hill, I told Robert that I wanted to go home as I started to get cold and exhausted. Furthermore, I told him that I did not see us witnessing anything exciting anymore for that night. Robert was disappointed, but nevertheless agreed.

Robert wanted us to regularly stop speaking and be completely silent so we could hear everything surrounding us. We also flashed our lights in the woods regularly.

As we started to head down the 2nd hill, we started to relax and talk about other interests. As we reached the 2nd crosswalk again, Robert suddenly scurried up. In panic, he asked me whether I also saw something jump/hush in the woods coming from the right path (former left path) to the path we originally came from. I would look at my feet when walking down the path, meaning I could not have seen anything. However, I believed that Robert just wanted to build up the suspense, as he liked to do that when nothing happened at our trips. So I did not really believe him in that. He started throwing rocks in the area where said figure seemed to head (our way back BTW). We stood still for some minutes, listening for any suspicious sounds, but the forest was in total silence. Realizing this, it made me somewhat uncomfortable. On our way back from the 2nd crossing to the 1st, we started to ease back down again and started talking normally. The walk back also took about half an hour.

This is where it gets really creepy. As we were about to reach the 1st crossing, I used my flashlight on the trees that were not too far in front of us. As I pointed my light on them, I noticed that there were 2 yellow dots right beside a big tree. As we came closer, I could see it more clearly. These were not just 2 yellow dots. I started to recognize a bald head with these 2 yellow glowing eyes. I told Robert to stand still, I pointed him the area where that thing was peeking from the tree. I was furious at him because he did not see it. I told him that he needed to focus on the yellow dots. When he recognized it, he freaked out too.

I freaked out even more when I thought about our situation. This creature stood between the only near entrance/exit out of the forest and us. We really started to panic as we did not know what to do. As Robert also started to flash on that creature and we both more or less shouted at ourselves, the creature went behind the tree and peaked out from the other side. As we followed with our lights, it stepped back from the tree. I was able to see more of its body. It was white/gray, hunched over and it arms were hanging down. It slowly walked away from the crossing, moving one leg then the other one.

We stood on the spot for a few seconds. Then I carefully started to peek in the area it vanished. I couldn't see it anymore. I told Robert to run, and boy oh boy, even Usain Bolt would have been astonished of our speed in that run. We ran through the exit and went back to my home. It was the scariest experience of my life.

What I really find so intriguing about this encounter? This creature either followed/stalked us very quietly through the woods for about half hour since Robert spotted it on the 2nd crossing until the exit or it was smart enough to recognize where the path we took, would be leading us to, as we first saw it at the 2nd crossing and then in front of us at the exit. It was also able to recognize pretty fast that we spotted it. I think by switching sides at the tree when peeking, it wanted to confirm for itself whether we spotted it by seeing us rotating light to the other side of tree (mind you, these were bad flashlights which lights only performed worse over that range). Last but not least, I do not think it was scared in the slightest of us. Even as I and Robert started to speak more loudly in a stressed voice, it calmly started to walk away.

Description of the humanoid: white/gray body, head was bald, and it had long arms. It had a hunched body posture with the arms hanging down. It must have been about 2 meters tall? Rather slim body." IB

NOTE: I believe this encounter occurred in the UK, but there was no specific location given. Lon

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