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Sunday, April 17, 2022

Winged 'Bipedal Canine' Encountered at Wichelen, Belgium Bridge

A Dutch resident is in Wichelen, Belgium visiting family. While taking a late night walk, he comes across weird sounds, then notices a winged dog-like biped step out from under a bridge.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"I have been living in Brabant, the Netherlands for a while. A few kilometers before the border of Belgium. A few weeks ago I went on holiday to Wichelen, Belgium. A few family members of mine live there so I stayed overnight.

I am very fond of walking and I do that every day. I went for a walk on a Tuesday evening. After having walked for about half an hour I walked over a bridge. It was very quiet, almost unusual. This I found not really strange, but just giving peace. I stopped just at the end of the bridge to get some water from my backpack. At that moment I heard something that sounded like iron coming against something. Something like an iron chain. I heard it very softly the 1st time and thought it was coming from afar, so I thought of nothing special.

After a few seconds I heard it for the 2nd time. This time it sounded very close so I wondered what it was. There was nobody around me as far as I knew. I did not worry, but it was just strange. I think then I thought it was a homeless person or something that was under the bridge. it was about 1PM. I heard the same weird sound under the bridge. I decided to keep listening, until I heard some sort of howling. I remember falling back because I was so shocked.

It was a weird whine what you expect from a dog or a wolf. It sounded very heavy but dull. I was very shocked because I could not identify the sound. I actually stopped because I was so scared. It was a different feeling. So much fear that you will remain standing. At that moment I looked down. I saw a kind of dog-like creature that walked on 2 legs. It was huge, so I knew it wasn't a dog. It was black and had some kind of small wings on its back. It had a kind of chain on its leg. If I remember correctly on his left leg. I think there was water under the bridge because it was wet. At a moment, it turned around and looked into my eyes. They were dark eyes. His head looked a bit like that of a big wolf. At that moment I knew I had to run. I stumbled a few times and therefore sprained my ankle.

I have never seen anything like this true. I told 1 person who lived in the neighborhood and he said it was really what I saw. He mentioned a name, but I can't think of it anymore. I thought about sharing it for a long time because I have nightmares about it. I'm also glad I lost it and I hope you know what it is. (sorry for the bad English)." DA

NOTE: The witness maybe referring to a 'Marchosias.' In the Ars Goetia, the first book of The Lesser Key of Solomon, it is depicted as a wolf with gryphon's wings and a serpent's tail, spewing fire from his mouth, but at the request of the magician he may take the form of a man. Interesting report. Lon

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