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Friday, April 01, 2022

U.S. Soldier Describes Creepy Incidents in Afghanistan

A US serviceman was stationed and on patrol in Afghanistan. He describes two creepy and bizarre incidents that he has never been able to explain? More strange accounts from Afghanistan.

Two account of the most scared I've been (both while stationed in Afghanistan).

1st: late 2011- Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

"I was standing post on a small 8 man patrol base at about 2 AM in the morning (Post consists of 4 plywood walls, bull proof glass, and sandbags). I had been up for about 24 hours at this point and was starting to hallucinate through my NVG's, mildly seeing school busses and the like. All of a sudden BANG!

I first thought was a round hitting the bulletproof glass. Realized about a second later that it was a rock. Immediately on high alert, adrenaline flowing, I scan the area with mini thermals and get no heat signatures from anywhere. The strange part was that we had double stacked razor wire about 30m out from the post and it was all open ground for about 30m past that. So any rock throw would have had to be amazing.

I call up to the COC and had them use a big thermal camera on a stick to scan the area in case I missed something. They got nothing. At this point I'm kind of freaking out thinking there's someone out there that I can't see, but they can see me.

10 or 15 minutes go by and I'm starting to relax a little bit thinking maybe a bird flew into the glass or something like that. All of sudden BANG! Again, this time it sounded 2 times louder! I get a feeling of pure terror and feel adrenaline flush through my body. I've got my rifle at the ready, PEQ laser on looking harder than I've ever looked before at every piece of micro terrain that a human could be hiding behind and cannot see anything! I'm freaked. Still don't know to this day what it was but it scared the **** out of me.

2nd: Early 2012 - Still in Helmand Province, but a different bigger patrol base (13 man+ Afghan National Army platoon) around midnight on post. This patrol base had gravel lining the whole grounds to keep dust down. It was a poorly built defensive position with blind spots everywhere.

I was 6 hours into a 8-hour shift when I heard some gravel crunching just below my post, which was about 10 feet back inside the wire (blind spot). Very unusual because we had a early AM patrol and everyone but myself, the other post stander and the one guy on radio watch in the COC were sleeping.

I call out "who's that?" The crunching stops and I get no response. I use my radio to call the COC and ask if he was walking about. He tells me no, so I ask him to come check this out. I make sure to tell him to be careful coming around the corner and have him keep his rifle up, weapon light on and pop the corner.

As I see him walking out of the COC the gravel crunching sound picks up again. But this time rapidly like someone running. Once again, high alert adrenaline flowing hardcore. I'm thinking we've got someone inside the wire, so I start yelling "STOP! Or I'll shoot" in Pashto (Afghan). The sound stops and my radio watch pops the corner ready to shoot and nothing! There's nothing there! So once again I'm freaked out. He chalks it up to me being paranoid and lack of sleep but I'm not so sure.

About an hour later it happens again, almost exactly the same way with nothing being there. I have the radio watch, wake up my buddy and he stands on post with me for the last hour, which passes without incident. I still have no clue what it was. A kid inside the wire somehow, a cat, a dog, a ghost? Who knows. All I know is I have never been more scared then those two incidences." A

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