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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Unknown Tall 'Humanoid Figure' Encountered in Pullman, Washington

A student at Washington State University in Pullman recalls an encounter that they had while walking. The figure was humanoid, but resembled something other than a human.

I recently received this odd report:

"As I have not spent much time researching this sort of thing, I do not know how to classify the being I encountered, and I would appreciate any suggestions as to its identity. I will tell the story in as much detail as possible for our collective record, but I will warn you ahead of time, it is relatively mundane and basically begins and ends with me seeing the shadowy figure of a wolfman-like entity and going out of my way to avoid it.

The encounter occurred on February 2, 2016 at around 5-8 PM in Pullman, Washington. I was living in Pullman working and completing graduate degrees at Washington State University. I know the exact date because I have a habit/hobby of writing bad poetry, and so when some phrase pops into my head that I want to write down, I jot it in the notes on my phone. That day, I wrote, and this is true, "I'm afraid to walk alone. Afraid I'll meet the devil on the road." Until writing this, I had honestly forgotten about this strange detail of the story, which in retrospect is probably the least explainable aspect as it implies the encounter was somehow more than coincidental.

Pullman is a small college town that is extremely walkable. For anyone who may be reading this familiar with the area, I commuted on foot daily from Lamont St. on Military Hill, down the walking/biking path, and up College Hill via Stadium Way (mostly) to campus. So, I would walk down a hill, through a valley on a bike path, and up a well-lit hill into a college campus, taking about 45 minutes. Some other relevant details about Pullman are that it's extremely isolated, surrounded by rolling wheat fields to an extreme degree of deforestation, basic solely populated by local townies and undergraduates. The sun goes down famously early in any season but summer, drunk undergraduates are common, but very uncommon far from "College Hill" (where the encounter took place). It's not enough of a town to have a homeless population, and drifters are few and far between.

To the point. I walked home that evening in the dark as I had hundreds of times. Upon reaching nearly the base of the street that I lived on, where the bike path would lead up to the nearby road (Grand Ave.), I saw the form of a humanoid crouched in the path ahead. While the road is somewhat lit, the bike path is down a small berm from the road and is very poorly lit in this spot. From about 60 feet out, I began to feel afraid, as I could not make out much about the form. About 30-40 feet from the crouched form, I stopped.

I think if the figure was wearing clothing or had human skin of any shade, it would have caught more light. Instead, it looked too large to be human, its back too curved, its head too far forward, and though I saw no evidence of fur, the context suggested to me very heavily that it was fur-covered. My inner dialogue ran through the options, and nothing made sense. If it was human, it was a very tall man crouched over as if balling himself up on the road, back deeply arched over. If it was not, it was humanoid and something people do not generally believe exists. Those are really the only two options.

I began to have a fight or flight response. I said "Hey!" at a moderate volume something like two or three times. The form moved. It looked like it was turning its head toward or away from me. I never saw eyes or any kind of light catch it. It just looked like a hunched over, crouched humanoid in the middle of a bike path at night, too large to be a person whose high school didn't try to get him to play basketball. And hey, maybe it was a drunk basketball player half a mile from campus. Or maybe not.

I was torn between the realization that I was potentially witnessing something fantastic and the will to live beyond the moment. The will to live, fear, I guess, won. I immediately clambered up the embankment to the road, crossed the road, and walked the rest of the way home on the other side. The height difference, darkness, and existence of the berm kept me from seeing the form any further. I walked up the hill to my apartment, locked the door, and reflected on the bad poem line I had jotted earlier. I wondered if I was being followed by some evil creature and would be further hunted.

Nothing else happened, and it became a funny story I told my friends in town. I don't know if this story and its details might be useful to anyone, but I wanted to offer it up. It's a true story. It happened. I have no explanation for it. Even if it was a human, it's a strange coincidence with the note. Maybe the most likely scenario is a stressed-out graduate student hallucinated." P

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