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Tuesday, April 05, 2022

The Night That 'Freddy Krueger' Followed Me Home!

A California man was helping his friend move. At one point, he locked his keys in the car and decided to walk home. On the way, he encountered several bizarre & threatening individuals.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"It was 4th of July weekend back in 1988 and I was helping a friend move. There were 4 of us doing the moving, and it was extremely hot in the San Jacinto Valley, California. He had a pool at his apartment, so I wore swim shorts and a tank top, and we took periodic pool breaks to cool off.

We got done around midnight, and I left to drive home (approximately 30 miles). At the halfway point, I stopped in a town to get gas. I pumped the gas, and went in to pay for it, plus a pack of smokes and a can of Mountain Dew. Coming out I found that I had locked the car door out of habit. I reached in my pocket for the keys, and found it was empty. I looked in and there they were, in between the bucket seats, where they had slid out of the swim shorts shallow pockets.

The girl working the station tried to find a coat hanger to use, but they didn't have anything. I tried calling home, and remembered everyone went camping, and wouldn't be back for a couple days. I tried hitchhiking but the holiday traffic at that time was dead. I ended up walking almost 15 miles home, but did get 2 rides. One from some college students on their way back to school, which brought me to the next town.

By then it was about 2 AM. This small town had rolled up the sidewalks about 5 hours earlier, so I walked through it on my way home. No street lights back then. Also I found out the first thing I would pass on the outskirts of that town is a cemetery.

As I walked along the edge of the cemetery, I heard the sound of the chain link fence rattling about 50 yards away. I figured a deer must have jumped the fence, and I peered through the graves to try to see it. There was a lit-up factory on the other side of the cemetery, that back-lit what I thought would be a deer.

What I saw made my shoulder length hair stand on end! It was a guy that looked like Freddy Kruger running at me with the fedora hat, long sharp knife blade finger nails, and a striped sweater in that heat! He was leaping over graves, and peeking at me from behind taller monuments. It looked like he knew his way around that graveyard pretty well in the dark. I think, maybe he thought I was a woman, with my long hair and wearing those swim-type clothes, etc.

All I had for a weapon was my un-opened can of Mountain Dew. I looked in the ditch and found a long metal stake that was once a road sign support. I grabbed it up and noticed it also had a nice sharp edge, and was perfect length and weight for a walking stick. I also found a plastic bag, and put the pop can in there so I could swing it if I need to.

That dude followed me for a couple miles, paralleling me off to the side. Past the cemetery, we went past a couple of farm houses. I thought of walking up to them for some help, but at 3 in the morning, I thought I might get shot, or how did I know it wasn't his house? A couple of the places had farm dogs that ran out to viciously bark at me as I passed. Then I could hear them bark at him as he followed.

Nothing happened in that neighborhood, then I came near a wildlife park. I bravely strolled through pitch blackness, hearing animals all around me, through swamps, and over bridges until I came to another town on the other side.

By that time it was almost 5 AM I think, I walked past a restaurant that wasn't open yet, and staggered around the corner. Evidently, I lost my pursuer somewhere in the wilderness. I looked up above and saw some vultures keeping an eye on me. I heard a quiet noise and looked behind me and there in an old car. It looked like Norman Bates driving, and his mother sitting next to him. They kept their car right on my heel, and wouldn't pass me for some reason. I couldn't believe it.

Then a big 4 x 4 pickup pulled up and asked me if I needed a ride. I got in, and the guy was drunk and told me his wife had just kicked him out. He asked what I was doing out that early, and I told him my story. He ended up driving me the rest of the way home.

When I got home I slept for a few hours, then called the cops. I thought they would blow me off with that bizarre tale of Freddy. But they were interested, and had an investigator call me back. He was real serious, and told me they had found a young lady a couple weeks before that had been butchered in that area. I hope I helped that investigation some." M

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