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Saturday, April 09, 2022

Sudden 'Bigfoot' Groans & Knocks Frighten Friends at Sand Lake, Minnesota

A group of friends are camping on private property along Sand Lake, Minnesota. Near the end of the trip, they are frightened Bigfoot activity. Later, it was confirmed that Bigfoot inhabit the area.

The recently received the following account:

"In 1971, several friends and I went camping up north in Minnesota on one of the guy's lake shore properties. It was called Sand Lake, and was in Itasca County. There were only about 4 cabins scattered around the area we were at, and they were planning to build a cabin there the following summer. The land had been bulldozed and cleared, and this was in the early spring, during Easter break.

There was still snow on the ground, but it was melting, and rained most of the days we camped there in tents. A small stream slowly brought the run-off down to the lake, about 50 yards. It ran right alongside where our tents were staked.

On our last morning there, I was the 1st awake, about 5:00 AM. As I crawled out of my tent, my hands were coated in black mud from the wet ground. I walked over to the stream to wash them, and there in front of my face, was a fresh track, in the shallow water. The slow moving water, was just at that moment breaking up the edges of the track, so I knew it was fresh. Probably made within a few minutes.

The hair on my neck sprang up instinctively, That's the 1st time that's ever happened to me, and I thought it was strange. It looked just like the Bigfoot tracks you see pictures of, human looking, only huge. I was thinking to myself, who would be walking around in these temperatures barefoot! The track was leading away from my tent, and as I looked around, I couldn't see any other tracks leading to or away from it. So whatever made it had a huge stride to come down about a 5 foot bank on each side of the stream without leaving any other tracks, not even a slide mark. The track was right in the middle.

As the other guys gradually woke up and we packed up, I asked them if anyone had been down there, and they all said they hadn't. None of us had feet that big, or stride that long.

As we were getting ready to leave, we heard a long, deep groaning that lasted almost 10 seconds. We all stood there in shock because it sounded like it was nearby. It definitely was not a bear or any other animal I was familiar with.

Immediately after the groaning ended, we heard crashing and knocking sounds coming from the woods on the other side of the stream. Then the knocking sounds seems to come from all directions, even from across the lake. We were freaked out, and we didn't stick around to find out what was making the sounds. But I suspect that there were several Bigfoot in the area.

Later, the guy who owned the property told me that he had seen tracks and experienced a variety of Bigfoot activity after the cabin had been built. In fact, there had been two incidents of rocks and large tree branches hitting the porch of the cabin at night.

Back then, I was more of a skeptic, thinking that if Bigfoot existed, it would be more on the west coast Pacific Northwest area. But after that incident, I know that they do exist." M

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