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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Smelly 'Mothman' Encountered in Amesville, Ohio

An Austrian man, visiting his aunt in Amesville, Ohio, is hiking through the local woods one day. He notices an awful odor and hears 'wind' sounds. He then encounters a winged humanoid.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"First if all, sorry for my English. I am from Austria and it's not very easy for me to write or speak English.

I had nothing to do with any kind of crypto-animals ever and I have never heard of most of them, especially not Mothman. That is until May of 2017. I visited my aunt in Amesville, Ohio which was my first visit to the Unites States and I have to say I liked it. It was nice.

On the 4th day of my stay, there I was hiking around because the nature in that area is really nice. There's also a nice forest in that area that I decided to walk through a little.

It wasn't night, it wasn't dark, it was in the middle of day and I was on my own when I noticed a funny smell. It smelled like there was a rotten animal somewhere around, but it also smelled like heated chocolate. Don't ask me, I know it sounds weird..

I started looking around, because the smell was so strong that I thought there must be something going on. I hid behind rocks when I heard some branches cracking north of me. I was afraid of bears although I was told there are no bears in this area and I shouldn't be afraid. I still was, couldn't help myself.

30 seconds after I starting hiding behind those stones I saw some being. Kind of tall like myself I thought, but I wasn't sure about it at first. I thought of a standing bear because I saw that on TV several times.

But the noises that animal made weren't bear-like at all. It sounded like air in a way, like someone would use a really big fan. I cant explain it better, thanks to the language barrier.

That's all the noise it made. This occasional flapping. After I haven't seen and heard anything for 5 minutes I decided to leave my hideout to walk away.

After approximately 15 minutes of walking back the way I came from, I heard those flapping sounds again and immediately ducked. I got behind the next best tree again. This time I saw the thing. It was around meters away from were I was and I couldn't quite believe what I saw.

What I saw, looked like a large man (maybe 7 feet tall) in a suit. He or it was kind of furry and wore a cape or maybe wings of a sort. Hard to say. The thing had antennas attached to its head and also appeared to wear some kind of night vision goggles (but it was day).

It moved quite fast, the cape occasionally made those flappy noises. It disappeared after 10 seconds or so.

When I told my aunt about it, she kind of laughed it off and told me that sounds like I was talking about the Mothman, a common legend in some areas.

It was just today that I remembered the Mothman and looked it up. And what can I say, the thing absolutely looked like the Mothman. It could have been some guy of course, but the question is: Why would he walk around there, make those sounds and all? And what about the smells?

Anyone else experienced stuff like that and/or knows what I am talking about? CS

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