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Monday, April 25, 2022

Small 'Bloodied Troll' Feeding on Deer Carcass in LaPorte County, Indiana Woods

A group of friends are driving at night in the LaPorte County, Indiana woods, just over the border from Michigan. They encounter a bizarre small 'troll' covered in blood, feeding on a deer carcass. 

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"This occurred around the time I graduated or sometime shortly after in 1995. My family lived in Michigan at the time, fairly close to the Indiana border. Some friends that I’d play Dungeons & Dragons with got all into ghost hunting and we’d often travel down around the Indiana side (LaPorted County, Indiana), which was around 45 minutes away I believe.

On this particular night we had picked up the girl I was dating. Her and I were sitting in the backseat while my two buddies were in the front seat. We’re on a somewhat secluded 2-lane road with thick woods on the right side of us (I’m not trying to be vague at this point, I really don’t remember much about the area or exactly where we were), and “John” says, “Don’t trust what you see around here. I hear your eyes play tricks on you in this area.”

Almost on cue we start seeing what basically looks like black fog or shadows darting and swimming across the road in the light of the headlights. We remain calm and keep going. Eventually, the road T’s off to the right into the woods and we take the turn. After about a quarter-mile the road either goes straight onto gravel or T’s to the left, we take the left. At this point we’re driving slow, maybe 5 miles an hour and both the girlfriend and I are looking out the passenger side window (I was on the passenger side if that matters) and about 15 feet into the woods (maybe 30’ from us total) I see what looks like a small, old troll hunched over eating something bloody and messy, with its back to us. My mind immediately went to folklore and I think “redcap” as soon as I see it, even though it wasn’t wearing a thing. I slowly turn to the girlfriend because it’s a bit much to see and not think you’re crazy, and her eyes are taking up her whole face. She’s already all teared up and they start streaming down her face when she looks at me. She’s petrified! We both tell my friends in the front that we need to go, there’s something in the woods. She’s basically crying and I’m freaking out too. The two in front didn’t see it and they’re frantic to know what we saw and want to drive by again - which the two of us want nothing to do with.

About 100-yards later the road turns to the right onto the gravel, and the driver decides we’re going to turn around here and go back the way we came. We get turned around and as we start off the gravel the car dies (not a clutch issue, it was an automatic and a pretty unexplained engine quit). The girlfriend flat out starts screaming, and the driver says to relax, tries to turn the engine over and thankfully it starts. However, the moment the car turns over, headlights immediately turn on. Mind you, it’s pitch black out, there are no streetlights. It’s a heavily wooded area, and we hadn’t seen another car in who knows how long, never mind the fact that our car and headlights were just facing where this car appeared when we were trying to turn around.

At this point, everyone decides OK, we’re obviously somewhere we shouldn’t be, we’re out. So we end up driving back by the area we saw the “small, old troll” and there’s nothing there now. No little troll, no deer, (I believe it was a deer it was eating when I first saw it). We get to the area that branched off to the gravel road when we first went into this area. As we approach this road a set of headlights turn on from this gravel road as well, followed by other headlights. So in the car there’s the four of us freaking out, believing we’ve stumbled into some weird occult stuff we didn’t mean to, and all we want is to go back home now. We drive back out to the main two lane road that took us this way and the other cars go their separate ways uneventfully.

It’s been over 20 years and I still get chills thinking about this. The little gnarly troll all bunched over eating the deer is just as vivid as it ever was. A lot of weird things happened when I lived in the Bridgman, Michigan area. This was the most extreme, but I had about 20 years of unexplained experiences crammed into the two years I lived there.

To describe the 'redcap' further, from what I remember. It was naked, I believe it would have maybe been 3 1/2 foot tall if it stood upright and very stocky. It was squatting down low, its butt almost to the ground while it ate and also somewhat hairy, as in hairy on it’s shoulders and back. There was blood all over it’s hands and forearms. It was holding what looked like the leg of a deer. There was a mess of the rest of it at its feet. I had about a 3/4 view of it, mostly its back. I didn’t get a good view of its face, though it kind of glanced over its shoulder at us nonchalantly as we drove by. I just remember it looked old and menacing, like a furious little 70-year-old man. Unnerving to say the least." S

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