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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Sasquatch Activity? Camper Recalls Several Incidents in Northern California

Two friends have made subsequent camping / hiking trips in a remote area in northern California. Though they didn't see a Sasquatch, there were several interesting incidents.

I recently cane across the following accounts:

"I went camping with a friend in a very remote area of California. We were both in need of some time in nature away from the crowds, so we did a quick search and found an area with dispersed camping deep in the forests of northern California. The plan was to camp for 2-3 nights. We grabbed our fishing rods and set out. We drove 3 hours past Redding, CA, to a hidden little logging road turnoff. After 45 minutes on this logging road, we found a little area to park on the side. Despite not knowing where we were going, we set out and were excited to get away from the hustle and bustle of big city life.

The remote lake we planned to hike to was about 8 miles away and we decided we would camp next to the outflow creek below the lake, about 2 miles from the lake. We got to an area that looked suitable for what we were looking for so we put our tents down, cooked some food and went to bed.

The next day we went to the lake, fished and explored the area a bit. We made our way back to our camp and it was getting late. Again, we cooked and went to bed. My friend is a very serious, analytical mind and outright dismisses anything outside of the realm of ordinary. I told him we were going to Sasquatch country and he laughed me off.

At about 2 AM, we heard something unexplainable. We both grew up spending a lot of time outdoors and we both hunt and fish so we are familiar with the flora and fauna in the area we were. We were both startled awake by a loud thump, like something huge just jumped and landed on the ground. After that, we heard clearly bipedal footsteps walking near us, shaking the ground and our chest cavities with every step. It was surreal. He looked at me with eyes wide and said, "Do you hear that? WTF is that?" The footsteps faded away and that was the only experience we had on this trip.

After we got back, we looked closely at the area we had camped on a map and found a nearby off-trail lake with a difficult hike to get there and it looked like the perfect place to go on our next trip. The previous trip was in the Fall, and we planned the next trip for the following June.

We made it back to the same general area and we hiked a good 8 hours through head high manzanita to get to the base of a scramble we had to climb the next day. This was all off-trail bushwhacking and hard hiking. We set our bags down in a clearing next to a tiny creek running out of the bottom of 3000 feet of granite mountain. We weren't being quiet. We had 45-50 pound packs on and were laughing and joking the whole time.

Within 5 minutes of setting our bags down, something started moving a few willows pretty hard. The branches looked like it was shaking. I yelled 'bear,' thinking that is what it had to be. My friend said he wasn't sure if it was a bear and that it could have been a cow, based on the amount of brush it had moved and the amount of noise it had made when it ran off. However, we didn't see any cow pies the entire trip. Also, farmers in these areas who turn their cows out to roam often put bells on them so they can actually find them when its time to drive them out of the mountains. I just chalked it up to a bear until I went to the zoo with my family and saw a black bear in person. There is no way an animal that size made that much of a commotion.

We didn't get up to the lake the next day. We tried the wrong path and it didn't work out. We ended up going back to the same area as the first trip. On the hike over to the new area, I thought I heard pretty clear knocks.

None of this is conclusive, and I haven't seen anything. I didn't know enough about the phenomenon at all when these events happened, so I didn't check for footprints, hair or any of the other signs that the big ones are there. I will say, that my friend, who was 100% closed-minded about it, is now open-minded to it. I have no clue what walked past my tent at 2 AM, but it was so heavy it sounded like it was walking on a drum. I have no idea what shook trees at me, and then ran away like a freight train into the brush. I do know, however, that there are not any animals on the record to which these events are readily attributable. This all happened within 30 miles as the crow flies of Bluff Creek and the Marble Mountains." WM

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