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Monday, April 18, 2022

Red-Eyed Canine Cryptid Harasses Northeast Wisconsin Family

A northeast Wisconsin family begins to be harassed by a large canine cryptid. On two occasions, it looked through windows with its bright red eyes. They soon move after it busts a window.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"This is my first time going public about this encounter, out of fear of seeing it again. This took place roughly 14 years ago. When I was a kid, my family moved out of the city and moved to a small town called Deerbrook, Wisconsin, situated on the outskirts of Antigo.

Our house was surrounded by woods on three sides and a river and field in the back. The first year out there was really calm and relaxing, other than constant coyote howls every night. But every so often there would be a different howl. It was a deeper, much louder howl that would shake us to our core. At first my parents would dismiss it as a wolf or just a bigger coyote, but something about it seemed off.

One night in mid July, my brother, my sister and I decided to pitch a tent in the back field along the tree line. We just wanted to go camping. We sat with sticks roasting our marshmallows until it got really dark, then the typical howls started up. But once again, that deep howl was back and it sounded like it was right in our ears. With how loud it was, it’s hard to even guess where it was coming from. So we decided to put out our fire and get in the tent.

Later that night, my sister fell asleep, so my brother and I chatted and made jokes. Within minutes we heard animals running around outside the tent, and then this little raccoon started to claw at the side of the tent that I was sleeping on. At first I kept poking at it, but then we heard something else, the crack of sticks from the trees. At that point my brother thought it was a bear and told us to be quiet and woke my sister up. We started to hear footsteps coming closer and closer, pretty quick they were right next to me. The raccoon just bolted out of there, and we started to notice this strange odor coming from somewhere. It smelled like copper, sulfur, and wet dog. It was almost overpowering and made me want throw up. Then we hear our mom calling us, and as she shined the flashlight in our direction. It revealed the most unsettling thing I have ever seen.

The shadow of this thing was shining through our tent, and it was massive. It had pointed ears that were tilted back like a dog on the prowl and its hands were human looking with long fingers that ended in a point. The mouth was in the shape of a snout just a little shorter, and it had a mid-sized tail. My mom started screaming and whatever that thing was bolted back into the woods. We rushed inside with our mom, and didn’t go back out for a few days.

Fast forward a few months. I was in the living room with my mom while my sister was in the shower. We were watching Wheel of Fortune or something like that, when my sister screamed bloody murder. My mom jumped up and went to go get her. She pulled her out of the bathroom and I got curious as to why she was freaking out, so I went in to see. Above the shower it one of the super small windows that only a small head could fit through, and in the window was a set of red glowing eyes staring down at me. We stared at each other for what felt like minutes. I didn’t feel fear, more just curiosity and I didn’t feel like I was in danger at that time. My mom rushed in to then pull me out. The eyes turned away as well. The rest of the night was quiet after that.

A few days later, my brother came back from his dad's. He and I had bunk beds, so I’d always take the bottom bunk. That night was kind of gloomy. It wasn’t real windy, but it was drizzling a little bit. Later in the night my brother and I were waken to the window being opened. It was locked before hand BTW. After that we just closed it and went back to bed. It happened again and again like 3 more times, each time we locked it, but the final time was the worst. It flung open so hard that the glass shattered and we saw the thing that pushed it open. That same hand from the tent, but I can see it clearly now. It had matted black fur or hair rather, covering its whole arm, the skin on its palms was like a light tan, and the claws were about 5-6 inches long. And on the bottom of the window I saw it’s face, or what was showing. It was just the eyes, glowing bright red. They looked like the embers of a roaring fire. My brother and I bolted up, grabbed my sister and locked ourselves in the back gaming room.

We stayed there for the rest of the night and when my mom came home, we told her and packed our things. We moved out of that house in a day and took what we could fit, filling 1 car and a U-Haul. My stepdad's truck was full as well and we left never to return. To this day my family is scared to talk about it. But if my brother and I have a few drinks we discuss it. My mom just shuts down whenever it’s brought up." Name Withheld

NOTE: Deerbrook, Wisconsin is in Langlade County, near the Menominee Reservation, northwest of Green Bay. I have received cryptid reports from the region previously. Lon

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