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Saturday, April 16, 2022

Oddly Shaped 'Upright Rabbit' Cryptids Observed in Rural Central Massachusetts

A Massachusetts resident recalls observing oddly shaped upright rabbit-like cryptids on certain rural roads where he lived. Was the witness actually witnessing unknown entities?

The following strange account was forwarded to me:

"Central Massachusetts: This is going to sound strange but this is a phenomenon I've seen a number of times on certain local roads. Some of them are up against a nature sanctuary and a large undeveloped area where big power lines run. There are also some odd caves I used to mess around with a a kid where minerals, presumably limestone, coat the top of ponds that sit in very cramped low caves. We saw 'things' swimming, which we can't say are cryptids, since we did not see them clearly since out flashlights weren't that good.

Anyway, when driving at night as a kid, keeping in mind headlights were weak at that time, compared to now. Looking more to the sides than straight ahead, I knew I would see things retreating into the brush/woods. I told my mom and she dismissed it as just animals or rabbits. I was a child and, not being so sure of myself, I dismissed it and accepted it. Though later, even the fuzzy memory threw up red flags, when I saw actual rabbits running and it was fundamentally different.

Years go by and as a young adult I worked the night shift sometimes and drove at night quite a bit. I was accustomed to seeing animals on the side or fleeing the road when cars come. I drove through after work one day to go to my friend's place, to repair his computer. I normally didn't go that way. I saw them again. I knew I did and the thing I saw was not a rabbit. They seemed to be too upright, like they were not on all fours, just hunched over or leaning on much longer front limbs. But still, I could not say. I thought it must be possums or some other animal I don't see often.

Years later, again, just LAST year.

I work second shift, so I'm out at night almost exclusively. This happened around last early October just before the leaves started to really fall. I was out on a call and finished up around 1 AM. It took me a different way home. The LED headlights are very bright cool white. They make signs, markings on police cars, any kind of white strip, glow.

I was driving slow, around 30 MPH, and noticed the animals again, even more clearly, and they were definitely running mostly on the hind legs. The heads we're large, the proportions were closer to a bulldog head size, but legs/limbs were so so thin, like sticks. Then I noticed it. Pairs of eyes reflecting back like they are waiting for the car before running out of the road. But they are all looking straight at me. I stopped the car and pulled out my phone thinking I can record it or snap a photo. I put my video on and propped it against the windshield. Just then I get a chill and notice movement in my rear view mirror. They are behind me too. I see the small ones and at least two larger ones step out. It's very dim, but about as bright as a reverse light with the LED plate bulbs reflecting against the silver car and white plate.

I sped out of there and I avoid that road and the ones surrounding that area entirely now. I have never stopped remembering almost anytime I drive alone, or am outside at night. My friends listen, but think I'm telling ghost stories. I'm not even sure why I'm afraid, but I'm still very shaken and panicked remembering it." L

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