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Monday, April 25, 2022

'Mothman' Encounter Mortified Appalachia Family For Several Years

Several younger members of a family, living in rural eastern Tennessee, encountered what can only be described as a 'Mothman.' The incident has deeply affected the family for over a decade.

I recently received the following account:

"Once, when my family and I were living with my aunt and her family in McMinn County, Tennessee, my brother and older cousin swear they saw the Mothman.

My aunt, uncle and mom were going to the store around 8 PM one night, and I, not wanting to be stuck in the house with my brother, male cousin, and their two male friends, went with the adults.

We had been gone, at most, two hours and when we pulled into the driveway, all four boys sprinted out of the house, terrified. Two of them had shotguns and immediately our parents demanded to know what happened. This group of boys from the ages of 10-14 were in tears, all trying explain at once. Eventually, we got them to calm down enough to understand what they were saying.

For reference, my aunt and uncle's home is in a very rural area in the Appalachian Mountains. They have a bit of woods and a creek we can see from the back porch, and there is a fire pit halfway between the porch and the creek.

So anyway, the boys said they open the sliding back door and sat with their feet hanging out because they wanted a breeze. Then my brother noticed two red eyes glowing in the dark. All being hunters, they weren't frightened at first, thinking it might be an animal, but when they looked harder, they knew it wasn't.

It was shaped like a large man. It had casually leaned against the tree it was standing next to and waved. The boys started to freak out and right before two of them went to go get their guns, it jumped, revealing large wings that spanned the width of its arms, and flew, mere feet above the ground to stand by the fire pit. My brother said he didn't move, that he and this creature locked eyes and he was paralyzed.

By the time our cousin and their friend came back with the dual shotguns - it was gone. My brother said it was there and, in a blink of an eye, it just wasn't. They took this as a good sign and closed the back door and huddled in the living room until we got back. Now, mind you, these boys don't scare easily; they have been hunting most of their lives. They've killed deer, bears, and wild boar, pretty much any animal that could kill you ten times over. These boys were mortified. I'm not sure if any of them even slept that night. They weren't alright for a few weeks after that.

It's been almost ten years since this happened, and to this day, both my brother and our cousin won't joke about it. They get nervous anytime it's brought up, and demand that we please don't talk about it." TT

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