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Friday, April 08, 2022

Massive Sasquatch Sighting & Encounters Experienced by Pierce County, Washington Resident

A Pierce County, Washington describes astounding Sasquatch activity experienced around his home and a sighting in the area around Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Very interesting report!

The following information was recently forwarded to me:

"I moved out to a remote area in Pierce County, Washington about 14 years ago. Not totally the middle of nowhere, but you can see it from here. Anyhow, I have a little piece of land that I have cleared maybe 3/4 of an acre around the house, and left the woods out back alone for the most part.

My woods are home to everything from bears, cougars, bobcats and coyotes. Most of the time I have lived here I thought I was the king of these woods with my 30-06. However I have been scared out of my own woods a few times since I came here, even with a loaded .45 or long gun in my hands.

We don't usually concern ourselves too much with the wildlife here, and I don't harvest anything from my own woods, preferring to let them have my woods as a sort of protected sanctuary. A few times we have been nervous about bear and cougars in the immediate vicinity, but unless they get too familiar here I am not going to bother them.

I have spent a lot of time in the woods and am not easily spooked, especially if I am armed. However, I believe strongly in my own instincts as they have literally saved my butt a few times, so I listen to them when my hackles go up.

One day out back, within 80 to a 100 feet from the house, I was just sneaking through the woods early in the morning looking for anything interesting I could find. I soon heard some very solid and heavy tree knocks very close to where I was at. The underbrush was pretty thick, and I could not see farther than 20 to 30 feet from where I was in any direction.

I froze and waited, and again three very loud 'thunks.' Sounded like someone hitting a tree with a huge axe or sledgehammer, or a basketball-size rock maybe? Anyhow, I had my .45 in my waistband and very quickly had it in hand. I did not know what was making that powerful knocking but I did not wait around to see. I had the dignity not to run out of the woods, but I proceeded at a very fast pace back to the house.

Another time we were outside having a cold beverage at about 3 am on a hot summer night when we heard a phenomenally long drawn out primal howl that came from a HUGE set of lungs. It seemed to be covering ground as it howled and, at first, I thought it was a screaming motorcycle, then the siren from the firehouse a few miles away. Then it undulated up into a shrill primal sound and was so drawn out as to be impossible.

Until it cycled up at the end I was not sure what it was, but at that point it was obvious that it came from a set of big vocal cords and a set of lungs. After exchanging a quick "Did you hear that" and a quick "YUP!" we were up and heading for the door.

In a few minutes, we had laughed it off and went back out to listen some more. Within a few minutes a fairly large tree sounded like it was slammed to the ground with force not too far from the house. This was not a tree leisurely falling over. It was a wrenching and violent sound of a big piece of living wood being broken.

That sent us back in the house again and for the rest of the night, this time, and we spent a long time wondering WTH we had heard.

Upon discussing this with my kids, (22 & 24 years old) they told me they called it "The Banshee," and that they heard it a few times, always late at night.

THEN.....in August of 2012, I was coming up 8th Avenue out of Spanaway, Washington, driving along the boundary of Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and I saw a huge male sasquatch cross the road into the military base about 400 feet in front of me. I got a very good look at it as I had my high beams on and it was illuminated very well and for several seconds.

Plenty of time for me to see it, do a doubletake, and look again. Plenty of time to see and take in just how huge this thing was being huge, even for Sasquatch standards. It swiveled its upper body and turned to look at me and hurried off to the right.

Needless to say I was very disturbed and did not even consider taking a picture, but kept right the heck on moving. I was sort of in shock I think because, even having heard all of these things and living here in Sasquatch country, I was not a believer. I always figured there would be a body, there would be irrevocable footage, or there would be something substantial if it was real.

It also occurred to me that there must be a breeding population, not just one, and that with it moving into the military base that they must be aware of it with all the night ops and training they do all over this base. They have to know and have proof of it. NO WAY they don't have proof in my opinion.

Anyhow I no longer feel secure with my guns in the woods. Haven't been camping since and I keep out of my own woods and don't feel the need to hunt anymore either to be honest. I still get goosebumps telling the story.

Upon reporting this to the BFRO, the investigator that came to meet up with me told me his first sighting was of a very similar size large male creature within a mile of where I saw it at.

It took me a while to come out and tell folks about it, but when I did I was amazed how many folks had their own stories to tell. Amazing to think, but figured folks need to know that the big guy is out there and that it is no old Indian story to scare off the white folks. Sasquatch is real and he is out there." CD

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