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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Massive 'Dogman' Encountered in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania Backyard

A Karthaus Township, Pennsylvania witness and his mother observe a massive 6-7 foot-long canine quadruped in their backyard during the day. The height was also extraordinary.

I recently received the following account:

"Good afternoon Mr. Strickler,

My name is ED and I have a possible unexplained experience I would like to share with you. The following events occurred in Karthaus Township, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. It was in the Fall of 2001, I would have been 9-years-old at the time.

We lived down the street from Benton's Market. I can't remember the street name, of course, because it has been so long, but we lived before a bend that led down to the headquarters of a company that had big rig trucks parked there.

My father worked on the road for a construction job, so at the time it was just my mother and I, she worked at the Perma Grain Product factory in town. This had to have been on a weekend or a school holiday break because we were both home at the time.

I remember hearing bobcat screams in the woods behind our house all the time. The local wildlife was very diverse and is something I would no longer be used to as I live in Pittsburgh now. Anyway there was a wooded area close by, if not everywhere. We had even witnessed 2 bears in our time there.

But I'll never forget the night our dog "Lucky" went completely ballistic barking at something or someone outside on or near our front porch. I remember looking out the window while my mother was asleep and seeing what I at first thought was someone else's dog or a coyote. 

I'll never forget what I saw and I never would have contacted anyone about it until I recently read a few reports of a supposed "dogman."

I really don't know how to explain it. I didn't see its eyes but I did see an easily 6 or 7 foot in length canine. It was only visible for a few seconds but clear as day. This thing was something that stuck in my mind and still does to this day. My mom had woken up and gotten off the couch to look with me and also saw it. We both still swear to this day what we saw. Its fur was definitely a lot different and very mangy looking, compared to other wildlife in the area.

We think it was attracted to the food we would leave out for the stray cats in the neighborhood. It actually bounded off after a few seconds, it wasn't upright at all and it stayed on all fours. But it was taller than an NBA player and moved in a different manner than anything I had ever seen.

It had me visibly shaken and I remember being stunned. My mom called my dad and woke him up and talked to him about it for hours. Neither one of us wanted to go to bed after that. I remember it turned into the first time my mother and I stayed up and told stories until 3 AM.

I remember my mom explicitly telling my father that it was unlike anything she had ever seen. And her only friend in the town took her claims as skeptical at first. Until I was there to confirm what she saw. 

I don't know this experience always had me wondering way later into my adult years as to what this thing was and if there were more of them. I just found it interesting that there were other sightings like this in the Clearfield area and figured I would share this experience with you. Thank you so much and have a great day." ED

NOTE: We have received several dogman / upright canine reports from Clearfield County over time. Karthaus is approximately 15 miles east of the Penfield area, where most of these other sightings were reported. The Moshannon State Forest is in between these locations, and is well-known for unexplained activity. There is also a considerable amount of Bigfoot sightings in this area as well. Lon

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