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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Legendary 'Man-Eating' Bigfoot Seen on Osage County, Oklahoma Farm

A Creek father and his son check out a ruckus one night among their cattle. They later stake out the area and discover a Bigfoot, that the father believes is a legendary man-eater.

The following account was recently sent to me:

"Hello Sir. A friend of mine related this story to me a few years ago while we were bowhunting in Garfield County, Oklahoma. My friend is is half Creek Indian. His father was full-blood and his mother was of Irish decent. His family lived on a farm way out in Osage County. His father owned some land back west in Garfield County, but the ground wasn't producing wheat very well so they leased the place out in Osage to run cattle on. They had a quarter section of open meadow that was used for their feed and a quarter section of densely wooded land. The wooded area almost surrounded the open area.

Before daylight, one October morning, my friend woke with a start to his father's voice telling him to get up immediately and get dressed. He reluctantly obeyed. He walked into the kitchen where his father already had a carbide light lit and was waiting at the door. His father shoved the light in my friend's hand, at the same time handing him a 30/30. "Something is running the cattle." His father had a lantern and a 30-06. (This was in the early 1950's before flashlights were common place)

Walking at a brisk pace they headed in the direction the cattle were moving away from. They crossed the fence and walked on the outside in case the cattle were flushed toward them. They were getting ready to round a corner of the fencing when something caught their eyes. A tuft of reddish brown fur on the top strand of a 5-strand barbed fence. As they approached, they could barely see some blood on the ground on both sides of the fence. They were preparing to head into the edge when the heard a heavy thud. 10 yards in front of them the remains of a calf laid on the ground. His dad detected movement behind a tree. He raised his rifle and fired. Something large and brown stood on two legs and ran off through the brush toward the back property. They listened to it until it was no longer audible. His father put out his lantern and swore. They almost ran back to the house. At daybreak, his mother was sent into town and told to stay there with a friend until they came for her.

Just before nightfall, they both climbed a big oak about 30 yards from the house. They waited. Sure enough, about an hour after dark, something started moving in. They could hear it walking in behind them. Ever now and again they could hear it stop and sort of snort, like it was was smelling the air. The night had become overcast and a little breeze had kicked up. They waited. Soon they could make out a dark figure breaking the tree line about 25 yards away. It stopped, raised up on two legs and sniffed the air. It was barely visible in the inky blackness. His dad had given him very specific instructions not to shoot anything until they knew for sure what it was.

The creature approached the house and peered into one of the windows. After a moment it dropped down on all fours and moved over to the next window where it stood up on two legs and peered in again. This time my friend caught a good look at it silhouetted against the window. It was 6-7 feet tall and was way wider than the 24" windows. It had virtually no neck, more like a large bump between the shoulders. It had dark brown fur like a cinnamon black bear. My friend raised his rifle, his father pushed the gun down slowly and solemnly shook his head. After what seemed like forever, the creature moved back into the woods. They waited until dawn to climb down. His father told him of a wood spirit that would come and carry off children from the tribe in the night. His father believed this was one of them.

They packed their few belongings, hitched the horses, and drove their few cattle away. My friend never saw that farm again. Many years later his father explained that the creature they had seen was smart, violent and terrible. His father couldn't remember what it was called in Creek though. My friend told me that to this day he will never forget his fathers words, "My son, never, ever shoot at that creature. It will kill you." Every time I remember this story, I still get goose bumps. I decided to do a little Internet research and found a Creek legend about a man-eating, hairy, gorilla-like creature called the 'Kolowa.'" IH

NOTE: The 'Kolowa' has come up in previous reports I've received from Oklahoma. There is also the Creek 'Tall Man,' called 'Estecvpcvke' or sounds like 'Is-tea-jop-cuh'. Interesting stuff. Lon

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