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Monday, April 11, 2022

Huge Leather-Winged Cryptid Assails Vehicle in Salem County, New Jersey

A south New Jersey couple are driving home in the early morning, when they observe and are assailed by a huge membraned-winged creature. Interesting account!

The following comment was recently forwarded to me:

"I live in extreme southern New Jersey, not all that far from the Salem Nuclear Plant (Salem County). One evening, at approximately 1:30 - 2:00 AM,  my husband and I had our first experience with a cryptid.

We had spent the evening having dinner at the home of his boss. My husband had a few drinks, so we agreed I would drive home. I was driving a Honda S2000 with the top down, as it was a beautiful warm evening. About 3 miles from our home, on a back country road, with my speed driving approximately 60 MPH. We had just passed a wooded area on both sides of the road. Something approached our car, flying overhead from behind the vehicle. It flew overhead so close, that I feel like I could have reached up and touched it. Now when I say it flew overhead, in actuality, it was not flying, but gliding. Its wings never flapped, not even once during this whole experience. Yet this thing was able to exceed the speed of my car, swoop in front of the moving vehicle and avoid getting hit.

As we looked up, we clearly saw there was not a single feather on these wings. So don't tell me, 'Oh, it was a huge owl,' because it was NOT an owl! The wings were black leather, exactly like those of a bat. We could clearly see either bone structure or veining between the layers of the wings.

Now in a Honda S2000,  the headlights are halogen. The beam from these lights not only light up the roadway path in front of you, but they go beyond the road, on either side to also include lighting the bank on either side in front of you. This thing glided overhead from behind, down over my windshield and hood, then directly in front of my car. It continued to glide  2 feet off the road surface, before veering off to the right, at which point we lost sight of it.

However, while directly in front of me, I could clearly see the wing span exceeded the width of the 2 lane road on each side by at least a foot! My husband, who was reclined in the seat next to me, looked at me and said, "Did you see what I just saw?" I told him, "You describe the thing you saw." Then I will do the same. I swear, let god strike me dead if I am lying. We both described the same creature! Now granted, he had a couple of drinks but was in no way intoxicated. I know for a fact 2 people can NOT hallucinate the same creature, period!

My husband is a retired school teacher of 30 years. We have nothing to gain by telling anyone of this encounter. So we both agreed to never tell what happened to us, to avoid being called "crazy!" No pun intended. However, I have told neighbors that live close to me. Only because they have small children. They all look at me like I am nuts! But I feel better safe then sorry.

I could never forgive myself, if something were to happen and I had not warned them. I personally never let my dog out late at night anymore. I am very leery of my surroundings now. This has effected me greatly. Listen there are  things out there we have no clue about. But once you have your first encounter, you will forever believe.” AM

NOTE: I have received several large wings cryptid reports from New Jersey over time, including huge dragon-like beings. What are your thoughts? Lon

Source: Expanded Perspectives

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