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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

God’s Celestial Ambassador: The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges - Part XXX


God’s Celestial Ambassador: The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges - Part XXX

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on Amazon.com, while supplies last.

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Flying Saucers and the Venus Legacy

Period of Analysis

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, the Southern California evangelist and ufologist, took the period of 1961-1963 to analyze the countless UFO and alien occupant reports that he had personally received and investigated over the years.  Following Major Donald E. Keyhoe (USMC, Retired) and his National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena’s (NICAP) rejection of the numerous contactee claims being made during the late 1950s and forward into the beginning of the 1960s, Dr. Frank was particularly upset insofar as the NICAP director had pushed him out of his and NICAP’s circle of trust because of the evangelist’s assertions concerning the Venusian spaceship commander Valiant Thor and his visit with President Dwight D. Eisenhower in the White House, which the former Marine Corps pilot dismissed as “pure poppycock.”  

Dr. Frank was persona non-grata with Keyhoe and NICAP insofar as the evangelist’s Valiant Thor claims purported in his book, My Friend from Beyond Earth (Venice, California:  International Evangelism Crusades, Inc., 1960).  Keyhoe’s interpretations were too limited, and too materialist, to suit Dr. Stranges.  While disappointed that he was no longer working with Keyhoe and NICAP, the evangelist continued to communicate with other leading UFO researchers and also to investigate special cases with these experts when the need arose, but all in the context of his International Evangelism Crusades.  Dr. Frank did not feel that it was necessary to form another UFO group, at least insofar as Coral and Jim Lorenzen, the directors of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) of Tucson, Arizona, seemed to be doing a good job in collecting reports of both UFOs and attendant occupants from around the world, investigating them and publishing the resulting scientific findings monthly in their APRO Bulletin.  

The following are Dr. Frank E. Stranges’ own words, his summation of what he came to believe about the presence of flying saucers and their occupants here on Earth, during the period of 1962-1964, whence he was preparing to produce television programs and movies about these objects and their pilots, in addition to conducting lecture tours of churches, colleges and universities to present documentary evidence for the existence of flying saucers and beings from outer space as visitors to our planet:

First, holy writ tells us that we battle against invisible forces.  This planet is surrounded with both good and evil entities.  By acknowledging the supremacy of diabolical forces, we automatically arm them with a weapon against us.  On the other hand, if we know who we re and why we are here, we will find that the Living Power of Right, Light and Love will completely overcome the dark forces.

Second, there is the true and there is the counterfeit.  In the end, the counterfeit will destroy itself.  Meanwhile, the true will continue to outshine the counterfeit.  Remember, because of the fact that there are so many counterfeits, this does not lessen the true value of the true.  You cannot have a counterfeit unless there is a true to copy from.

Third, there are true “flying discs” coming from the Father of Lights to help those inhabitants of this planet; and there are counterfeit flying discs causing crashes, near collisions, havoc and all manner of fear and superstition.  A child of light can readily tell the difference between the two.

Fourth, because of the divine power that has been provided by the Master Jesus Christ, we can accept this power and even receive “spiritual gifts” us in these latter days (1st Corinthians 12:1-11).  These gifts are given, not earned.

Fifth, far too much physical value has been attributed to the UFOs and not enough spiritual.  We have entered the New Age and many are still living in the past.  St. Paul stated in Holy Writ that we should, “Go on toward perfection.”  The Orthodox Christian says, “No one is perfect;” therefore, we should do as the Master says and “Strive toward perfection.”

Sixth, you must decide for yourself.  Will you be a child of light and truth?  Or, will you drift from one meeting to another wondering what time of day it is?  Will you be a victim?  Or will you be a victor?  Make up your mind now!

Seventh, stand if full view of the Sun and repeat these words: “As a child of light, as a son (or daughter) of God, I stand here in the True Light.  I see good, receive good, and thank the Creator filling me with perfect love, perfect light, perfect knowledge, perfect wisdom, perfect power to overcome all that is not of God.  As God’s child, I will never be deceived by any force or power.  From this moment forward, I shall overcome because I am an overcomer.  So be it, in the name of the Master Jesus, I am protected.  Amen.

Strange Sightings, 1964 UFO Documentary

Dr. Frank, believing firmly that there was much more to the UFO phenomenon than NICAP’s “lights in the sky,” brought a unique team together in 1964 to produce an outstanding documentary film on the subject.  Titled Strange Sightings, it was based on an outline written by Robert L. Park, and starred himself and his wife, Janice Raab, as well as a cast of other prominent ufologists and UFO experiencers; and was directed by Merlin S. Gould, who previously directed The Body Is a Shell (White Knight Productions, Hollywood, California, 1956) and Prophecies and Nostradamus (Premier Productions, Hollywood, California, 1961), as well as six other movies touching upon metaphysical topics.  

The movie Strange Sightings focuses on UFO activity ascribed to the Giant Rock airport in Landers, California, where many of the UFO experiencers, such as Michael X. Barton, Dr. George King and George Van Tassel were interviewed.   Gould was an excellent choice as director, especially since he had been investigating varied types of paranormal phenomena since 1944.  He also gained experience as a pilot in the United States Army Air Corps (1942-1947) and the United States Air Force (1947-1955).  He flew in 39 combat missions over the South Pacific in the course of World War II.  Dr. Frank selected Gould primarily because of his grasp on both the physical and metaphysical aspects presented by the appearance of UFOs in our skies, as well as his excellent credentials as a Hollywood director.  

Robert L. Park, the writer of Strange Sightings, a New York native, attended Hamilton and Antioch College there before moving on to Long Island University.  He majored in literature and later enlisted in the Army for two years.  Following his tour of service, he spent one year in traveling about Europe.  His writing experience included preparation of advertising copy, doing public relations research and coming up with plays for the stage, television and the big screen.  Dr. Frank liked the work that Park did in putting Strange Sightings into an appropriate script, that he hired him to do another film for him in the following year, one that would be based on the Air Force’s alleged “seven percent” of UFO sightings that they could not come up with any suitable explanations for.  Dr. Frank explained that Park was his, “A-1, 100% All American Boy.” 

From Keller Venus Files:  Personally autographed photograph of Dr. Frank E. Stranges from page 6 of the documentary program guide to August C. Roberts of New Jersey, close friend of the evangelist and UFO photo consultant to the documentary movie, Strange Sightings.

UFO Experiencers

Besides Dr. Frank and his own extraterrestrial experiences that were highlighted in the film, significant attention was given to the contactee claims of Barton, King and Van Tassel.

From Keller Venus Files:  Rare photo of Michael X. Barton, contactee with Venusians from an ultra-dimensional plane of existence.

Michael X. Barton

Michael X. Barton (1937-2003) had been active in UFO research since 1954 when he was contacted telepathically by ethereal Venusians who materialized at his home in the Southern California desert.  In 1960, Barton organized several very successful spacecraft conventions at Harmony Grove Camp in Escondido, California.  Right before a convention speech scheduled for delivery by Dr. Frank on 4 July of that year, a genuine Venusian scout ship, in the likeness of the saucer described by fellow Southern California contactee George Adamski, appeared in the sky directly over the lecture hall of the camp.  The object’s loud humming noise brought everyone outside the hall to observe it.

In addition to his earlier contacts with space intelligences (SIs), Barton has also been in communication with supranormal beings from other dimensions from time to time.  One such entity Barton described as a “weeping angel,” who made predictions about Earth’s coming tribulations.  

Barton asserted that he is not a spokesperson for any organized church or Earthly system.  “My ministry,” maintained the contactee, “is Universal Truth and Higher Cosmic Evolution.”  Barton has worked closely with Dr. Frank E. Stranges at many UFO conventions, even doing some joint lectures with him.  

From Keller Venus Files:  In the documentary movie, Strange Sightings, White Sands Proving Grounds missile and rocket scientist Daniel Fry describes how a remote-controlled flying saucer flew him from the testing range in New Mexico to New York City and back in less than 30 minutes, back in 1949.

Daniel Fry

Daniel Fry (1908-1992), holder of a doctoral degree in engineering from Saint Andrew’s University in Scotland, was in charge of instrument installation in the blocks houses at White Sands Proving Grounds in New Mexico, set up for missile control and guidance.  At the time of this documentary interview, Fry was a member of the Engineer’s Society, San Fernando, California, chapter.  He was also serving as the Director of Astrolab Testing Corporation, Vice President of Crescent Engineering and Research Company, as well as a consultant on instrumentation to the companies of Lockheed Aircraft and Basic Magnesium, Inc.  Following an encounter with a remote-controlled flying saucer that landed near his worksite on the night of 4 July 1949, of which he boarded and was flown to New York City and back in the space of 30 minutes, Fry has been lecturing extensively on UFOs in the context of scientific research and had, at the time of the interview, already written four books on this subject.   All of the books contained advanced knowledge from Venusians and other extraterrestrials, as imparted to Fry, concerning flying saucer propulsion and a true understanding of the awesome atomic and subatomic forces that fill and enhance our universe.  

From Keller Venus Files:  Contactee and master yogi, Dr. George King (Left) with Merle S. Gould, producer and director of Strange Sightings (Center), along with Dr. Frank E. Stranges (Right).

George King

George King (1919-1997), was a student of the mystic arts in the British Isles who, in 1944, began to practice yoga, eventually learning how go bring the mystic fire of kundalini under conscious control for the purpose of attaining an elevated state of cosmic consciousness.  In 1954, King had established telepathic communication with Cosmic Intelligences on Venus who informed him, “You are the Voice of Interplanetary Parliament!”  Since that first contact, King had devoted his entire life to the service of the Cosmic Masters through founding the Aetherius Society here on Earth, in addition to the International Metaphysical Order.  The extraterrestrials and ultra-dimensional beings have appeared to King on both the physical and psychic planes of existence on numerous occasions.  Dr. King received his degree in Theology from the International Theological Seminary in Los Angeles, California; and in 1955 he founded the Aetherius Society, with headquarters in Los Angeles, to propagate the message of our advanced brothers and sisters from outer space.

From Keller Venus Files:  Strange Sightings crew from left to right, Robert Parks, script consultant; Dr. Frank E. Stranges; Hollywood actor Curtis Jarrett, who plays an attorney for Dr. Frank in the documentary; and contactee with the extraterrestrials, George Van Tassel.  All were filming on location at Van Tassel’s ranch at Giant Rock in Landers, California.

George Van Tassel

George Van Tassel (1910-1978), an airplane mechanic from Jefferson, Ohio, moved out to California with his family in 1930, seeking a better life following the great stock market crash of the previous year.  His love for the desert and growing interest in UFOs inspired him to lease the Giant Rock Airport from the United States government and purchase a 40-acre adjoining ranch, of which he set aside ten of the acres for the headquarters of an organization that he dedicated to explore the unseen mysteries of the universe.  It was on these ten acres that Van Tassel constructed the Integratron, a combination of rejuvenation and time machine, powered by an anti-gravity Tesla mechanism.  He received the designs for this edifice from a Venusian named Solgonda who landed his flying saucer on Van Tassel’s property, disembarked and instructed the mechanic in how to read the blueprints and build it.  

Van Tassel, at the time of the documentary, was serving as the Director of the Ministry of Universal Wisdom, Inc., operator of Giant Rock Airport, which included a café, UFO lecturer, and metaphysical author and publisher.  His organization published the monthly Proceedings, with each issue packed with the latest up-to-date information from our brothers and sisters of other planets in this solar system and beyond.


(Editor’s Note:  Stay tuned to this website for Part XXXI, where Cosmic Ray examines a UFO flap that led Dr. Frank E. Stranges to produce the famous Phenomenon 7.7 follow-up UFO documentary film. - Lon)

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