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Friday, April 22, 2022

'Giwoggle': Central Pennsylvania's Canine-Like Cryptid

I recently received the following information. I'll be honest, I've never heard of the 'Giwoggle,' though I do know that there are different monikers applied to local cryptids, especially here in Pennsylvania.

From author Lou Bernard:

"Lon - I am a writer and paranormal investigator from Central Pennsylvania, Lock Haven specifically. I read with some interest your piece on the dogman sightings of Clearfield County, and I feel that may tie in with another old legend from the area. Clearfield County borders on Clinton County, where I live, and the official monster of Clinton County is a sort of hybrid dogman called the 'Giwoggle.'"

"Legends of this thing were in West Keating Township back in the 1800s, where an old woman named Belle Confer told her grandchildren bedtime stories about the thing. Her grandson George Rhone was so affected by the stories that he grew up to write them down in Keystone Folklore Quarterly, preserving them for future generations.

The Giwoggle is not the easiest creature in the world to physically describe. It was about six feet tall, shaped like a wolf, and stood on its back legs. Instead of front paws, it had bird claws, and instead of back feet, it had horse hooves. This was to confuse trackers trying to follow it.

The legends all involved local women, who were believed to be witches, casting spells to conjure up one of these things when a nearby farmer offended them. They would send the Giwoggle to harass the farmer, which often took the form of annoying stunts and petty vandalism. The Giwoggles didn’t seem to be violent for the most part. Farmers would wake up and find their crops trampled, tools damaged, and Giwoggle tracks around the barn. In one of my favorite bits, a farmer found his cows frightened and trying to smoke a portion of a cornstalk." Read more at The Giwoggle: Clinton County’s Official Monster


"But to sum up, the escaped southern slaves who settled that area of Clinton County believed the Giwoggle was an upright dogman conjured by a witch. It had the hands of a bird and the feet of a horse. There were many stories of this thing, including an incident where it was sighted on a downtown rooftop in 1909.

One man who was said to hunt Giwoggles was Loop Hill Ike, or Isaac Gaines. Gaines is buried in a cemetery on the Clearfield County line, very near where these dogman sightings are taking place. I've often speculated that the Giwoggle could be more than just an old legend, and perhaps these dogmen are Giwoggles, sticking near the grave of their old adversary. 

Thought you'd be interested.

- Lou Bernard"

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