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Monday, April 04, 2022

Creepy Slenderman-Like 'Priest' Continually Manifests on Kansas Highway

A mother and her child are driving back from NYC, and decide to rest in Paxico, Kansas. They soon encounter a Slenderman-like 'priest' that manifests every mile or so on the highway!

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"This happened in 2019 at the peak of the pandemic on Mother's Day weekend. I have three kids: two girls and a boy. My middle child, girl, was 12 at this time and is on the spectrum, very high functioning, but has emotional problems. Sometimes it can become very overwhelming and long story short, her grandmother (her dad's mother) offered to help by enrolling her in a school in New York. We live in Colorado, so it's a little far, but I've always allowed them to go on vacation there to see that side of their family.

It didn't end up working out at all. The woman (her grandmother) turned out to be as narcissistic as the most horrible 'Karen ' you've ever met and was mentally abusing her only after two weeks. When my daughter asked to come home, I dropped everything and rented a car with what little money we had and drove all the way to NYC to get her that next morning. It took two days to get there.

That's a completely different story, however.

This is the scary part...

We started from Rockefeller Center and everything went smoothly until we got to Kansas. I was exhausted from the drive and decided to pulling over in a town called Paxico at around 1:00 AM. We had pulled into a few rest stops to sleep and everything was fine, but this place was flat out deserted and creepy. But I just took it as me being sleepy and irritated at everything my daughter was telling me about her time in NYC.

I pulled into this restaurant parking lot and found a place out of the way in case anyone came and we were in the way. There was a travel information stand across the road from where we were going to stay, but it freaked my daughter out. But those were the only two places with light anywhere.

I locked up and I finally got to close my eyes, and all of a sudden, my daughter got even more scared, kept saying she didn't feel right and that she felt something watching her. She turned around and screamed that she saw this man staring at us through one of the windows of the restaurant.

As she said that though, I got this huge rush of fear run through me and I felt we needed to leave right that instant and started the car. When I looked back, I didn't see it, but I felt it and it was enough for me to speed out of there. Then she screamed, "It's behind us! Go faster!"

I was trying to get back out on the highway and remembered that the road had a weird type of loop to it that if you turned wrong, it'd lead you in a circle right back to the same information building across from the restaurant. Once we got on the highway, I saw it! A really tall man with priest attire on the side of the road, about every mile or so, smiling and waving at us. I must've been going about 100 miles an hour. It followed us all the way to Topeka and then I just didn't feel it anymore.

That's not the most scared I've ever been, but really close. When we finally got home, we researched that town and it's history, but never could find anything about a priest haunting the area. I'm just glad we got out of there, it felt like we were being hunted.

Any ideas what that thing was? And no, I don't think it was Slenderman or any of those, he was tall, but not like that. Anybody ever have any experiences in or near Paxico, Kansas?" KV

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