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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Creepy Cornfields! What Lurks Within?

Some of most bizarre sightings & encounters occur in cornfields. Ghosts, cryptids, humanoids, UFOs, etc. I have collected a few interesting and creepy experiences for you to peruse.

"It was 2001, and my best friend and I were 15 years old. We lived in a small town in rural Minnesota, about 2,000 people. Out of our friends group, her and I were the only two that lived out in the country. So we understood the boredom that could ensue, but the fun things that would come out of it. Exploring the woods, running around in the cornfields, creating forts, exploring the abandoned house on their property, etc. It was a really fun time for us.

One day we decided to take our bikes and ride down some gravel roads. Her little brother tagged along (he was probably about 9 or 10 at the time). We were riding along, laughing, probably picking on her brother when we see an old shack in one of the cornfields. The corn wasn't fully grown, so we were able to see most of it. We decide to explore it because why not? We peered inside and the first thing I noticed were posters on the wall of the room. They were on every wall. There was a different person on every poster and they looked angry, some held guns pointed right at you, some were pointing their finger and it felt like they were pointing right at us with their eyes trained on us. In the center of the floor was a perfectly painted red circle. My friend and I remember a star in the middle but her little brother just remembers the circle.

As we are staring at this creepy scene, I feel like we are being watched, and not by the posters. I look to my right across the gravel road and into the cornfield across from us. Standing in the middle of the field is a man. He's just watching us. He's not waving his arms, not yelling at us, just watching. I alert my friends and we look at him together. I awkwardly wave and he continues to just stand there, no wave back. We are sufficiently creeped, so we jump on our bikes to get away. We are on gravel which isn't easy to bike on so it's taking us awhile to get going. We bike away and I repeatedly turn around to see if he's still there and he is still watching us. He barely moved and only turned his body slightly to angle in our direction to keep watching. I still can't get over how he just appeared in the middle of a field like that.

Recently, I've been thinking of this, so my friend, her brother and I started a group chat. We all shared what we remembered and they basically said everything I did above. What I didn't know was that they went back the next day, and everything was gone. Even the red paint on the floor. A week later whoever owned it donated it to the fire department to be burned.

I don't know what was going on in that shack. Whatever it was, it still weirds me out to this day." G


"I'm from central Illinois. When I was 10, my friend's mom was driving us back from Chicago (a little over a 2 hour drive.) Most of that drive is all cornfields. It was really late and everyone was asleep in the van except my friend's mom and I. I was sitting on the right side in the back when we passed by what looked like 2 teenagers coming out of the cornfield the right side of the road. Now, normally that isn't that weird. Plenty of kids end up wandering through corn fields at some point in Illinois. What was weird is where they were and how they looked!

I will never forget the boy. He was probably 16 years old, wearing a white linen shirt and brown pants with suspenders. His hair was short but curly and brown. He was handsome and pale with dark circles under his eyes. He looked like he had blood on him and the girl he was with looked bad. She was wearing a blood covered dress and she also was pale with dark rings under her eyes. Now, where we were was really strange. That corn field was HUGE and there weren't any entrances off of I-55 that we could see.

My friend's mom immediately freaked out thinking they drove their car into the cornfield and must have been super hurt. We were driving pretty fast and she had a van full of kids, so instead of pulling over she grabbed her Nokia and called 911. I remember that she reported the mile marker and told the police they looked like they needed help. And that was it. I never figured out what happened. I honestly think they were ghosts. Their movements were so strange and their placement was just - odd. There is no way teenagers would be hanging out on the side of I-55 dressed like that around midnight." D


"I was leaving my house with my friend. It was 2 years ago during the beginning of winter. As we were pulling out we came to see a figure in the cornfield next to my house. As we got closer we came to realize it looked human but wasn’t. It was almost a petrified pale color to it and it was small and was on all fours like Gollum from LoTR. It had pale eyes that looked hollow with dark spots around them.

We were both in my car and we didn’t say anything as we saw it in my headlights but as we passed it we both asked each other if, “we just saw that?” I had completely forgotten about this story until recently when my friend brought it up to me. I then asked my sister about it a few days later and she said I might have seen something called the rake, so I looked it up. The thing looked just like how some of these pictures describe and I don’t think I’ll ever look at the paranormal the same ever again because of it. RF


“This is something that happened to my brother when he was in high school, but it's a pretty cool story. I live in a real small town about 80 miles southwest of Chicago. It's mostly farm around here, and mostly cornfields. So he was out one night. You know, doing what teenagers do around here. We have nothing better than like drive the back roads and stuff.

They were out super late, like 2 or 3 in the morning driving around in the cornfields and they had to stop to, in nicer words, relieve themselves. So he gets out with his friends. There's two guys in the car and his friends get out and are standing by the corn. They hear this noise, way out in the corn. He explained it like... "It was like this wailing sound but it wasn't like a machine. It wasn't human and it wasn't the sound an animal can make. It was just this weird wail or something." So he looked at his friend and he said, 'did you hear that?' He said, 'yeah.' He told his friends that were in the car to shut up and listen. So everybody got really silent. Then they heard the corn rustling. And then it was like it was coming closer to them. They could almost see the corn moving. The corn was kind of high but they could see it moving, and it was getting closer and closer. So they started getting really freaked out and they started getting really, really quiet. Then out of nowhere they heard this girl's voice that said: 'Where are you Mommy?' He said that his heart almost burst and they screamed like little girls and all got in the car and he screamed at his friend, 'Drive! Drive!' They just took off right away. They were saying to each other, 'Did you hear that? Did you hear that?' And they all said, 'Oh my God, who was that?' They couldn't figure it out. What was that wailing sound? Why would a little girl be out in the corn at 2 or 3 in the morning? We couldn't figure it out.

We live in such a small community that if there was a little girl missing in the corn... you know, we know all of the farmers, all the farms around here. We know like if somebody was missing we would have heard about it. If a little girl was in the corn or... So...?” Source: Darkness Radio – July 21, 2015

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