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Saturday, April 09, 2022

'Black Eyed Kids' Appear, Then Vanish, Along Nevada Desert Highway

A long-haul truck driver takes a break along a Nevada highway in the desert. While in the sleeper, he hears tapping from outside, and observes two kids with black eyes. The account gets creepy!

I recently can across the following account:

"My uncle (an OTR owner/operator for 30+ years) told us (my cousins and myself) a story in the mid-1980s about a run he was driving from Nashville to Chicago, then Chicago to San Francisco, then back to Nashville, in the late 1970s.

According to his story, he was driving through a desert in Nevada. It was about 10 PM, and he had been driving for 14 or 15 hours at that point. He said that there hadn't been anything for a hundred miles but sand, cactuses, and snakes. His eyelids were starting to grow heavy, so he just pulled right over on the side of the road, headed back to his sleeper, and passed out.

At around 2 AM, he was awakened to the sound of tapping outside of his cab. Thinking it might be the highway patrol or DOT, he hopped into his passenger seat to grab his logbook before going to see who was knocking. As he grabbed his logbook, he heard the tapping again coming from the lower glass of his driver door, followed by a child's voice say, "Hey mister, we're thirsty and tired. Can we come inside?" He was suddenly struck with this feeling of absolute dread. He said it was so strong that he didn't even want to look to see who was speaking.

Something you've got to understand about my uncle. In the entire time I'd knew him to that point, I had never seen him scared of anything. ANYTHING. I'd seen him charge headfirst towards a guy that had drawn a gun on him. I'd seen him literally ATTACK an alligator that had gotten too close to my cousin when we all went on vacation to Florida one year. Nothing scared the man. However, even years after this incident, as he was telling the story to us, you could see the fear in his eyes.

He said that they had tapped on the glass again, and asked once more to be let inside. Against his better judgment, he looked over at the glass, and then just froze. He said they looked like two normal kids, if a little pale, but it was their eyes. Their eyes were solid black. He described them as seeming to have eyes, but also not have eyes, and yet felt like they were staring right through him through his lower glass. He immediately yelled out to them to leave him be! He said that they stared at him, almost angrily, for a few seconds, then just disappeared. Not like they turned away and walked off, or stepped down from his bottom step, just POOF, gone.

He sat in his passenger seat for a few seconds, trying to figure out what had just happened, when suddenly, they started pounding on his passenger door, right next to him, and yelling "Let us in, now!" He said they didn't sound like kids anymore. With zero hesitation, he jumped from his passenger seat to his driver seat, threw his rig in gear, and peeled out from there as fast as he could switch gears. He said he didn't slow down until he hit California, and took a different highway back to Tennessee.

He did say he saw them again later on that morning, though. He said he'd been trucking down the highway for another couple of hours, when, in his lights, he saw those same two kids on the side of the road, just standing there staring at his truck. They continued to stare at him the entire time as he passed them, but were gone when he looked for them in his side mirrors. He told us he found another gear in his truck that he didn't even know he had then.

Could it have been a nightmare? Not likely, since he was obviously awake when he was driving into California that morning. Could it have been a story he made up just to scare us kids? Maybe, but he wasn't really the "scary story" type, as well as that he told us all the same story well into our adult years. Could it have been the hallucinations of an overworked, sleep-deprived mind? Possibly, but he'd worked these hours, and had even drove this same route, for many years before and after. Also, the whole "black eyed kid" phenomenon hadn't even been popularized in the mainstream yet, and wouldn't be for a couple of decades.

I'll let you make your own judgment on his story." AE

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