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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Bigfoot Hurls Large Rock at 4-Wheeler Near Big Run, West Virginia

A young man was riding his 4-wheeler along a ridge road near Big Run, West Virginia. He stopped for a second and hear a branch crack. Suddenly a large rock was hurled out of the bush, brushing by him.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"In the summer of 2005 I had just graduated from high school. Having wrecked my first car, I was having to get around to visit friends via 4-wheeler. Well, it is about a 30-45 minute ride on West Virginia ridgetops and ridges to get to a little place called Big Run, WV. Just a few houses along a valley road and a small post office which was just a collection of mailboxes. Well, I spent the majority of the day hanging out and doing country kid stuff. It was well past midnight when I decided it was time to head home.

I was about halfway through my trip home, on an overcast night. I was on a heavily vegetated part of the trail, with brush/briars/bushes coming right up to the narrow gravel/dirt path I was riding on. Something in my mind told me to stop and check to make sure I had all the things I needed like cell phone and house keys. I sat on the ATV for about 20-30 seconds checking my pockets and when I was satisfied I started to accelerate slowly forward and get back on the road. I heard from the hillside to my right a loud crack, like a thick branch being broken. This didn't alarm me too much as there is a lot of stuff out there at night.

I came to a part about 20 yards in front of me where the path got pretty narrow and I had to slow down to avoid being hit by briars and cut up. Well, when I got about halfway through this 5-10 yard section, I heard rustling in the bush to my right, the same side I heard the crack from moments earlier. It was seconds after hearing this that a large rock, at least the size of a basketball, came STRAIGHT out from the top of the bush on right side. It did not have an arc, it did not bounce or anything like that. It came out in a HORIZONTAL line, straight, like it was a chest pass in basketball. There is no way that it rolled down the hillside and bounced that high, or even if it had, would have been able to have the flight path that it did. It came out STRAIGHT from the bush, like it was thrown.

I had started to hit my brakes when the bush started rustling because I was expecting a deer or some other animal to bolt across the road, so the rock barely missed my head. I felt the wind from it as it passed, it was that close. Just as it missed and hit the ground with a thud, I heard a very low growl. A growl so low and close that it made the bones in my chest vibrate. Like a bass guitar amp vibration. Deep and low, and angry.

After I heard that I floored it. I had made it about a quarter to a half a mile down the path when the damn 4-wheeler started to sputter. I had forgotten to switch to reserve tank after a day of riding around and I had run out of gas in the main. The 4-wheeler sputter to a stop and all I had was red brake lights behind me and my headlights dead ahead. I reached up and flipped the knob to reserve and started trying to start it, but didn't put the choke on so it was fighting to pull gas into the engine. I sat there trying to start it for a few seconds and I heard heavy thudding and large crashing coming from the LEFT side of the road. This side goes downhill to the bottom of the hill and it sounded like a bull or a bulldozer was crashing its way through the woods and headed in my direction. It was at this time that anxiety and fear hit me like a sack of bricks and I puked off the side of the ATV onto the road.

I cranked that choke all the way up, and thank God the thing started because I floored it all the way home and didn't look back once. I kept that speedometer needle maxed for as long as I could. The rock that was thrown at me sat on the side of that path for years until the roads got widened to make room for the big trucks being used in the fracking boom. That's how I know I wasn't crazy, and it was the only piece of evidence I had no matter how flimsy. Most people just said it rolled there but I know better, I saw how it got there. Whether you believe in Bigfoot or not doesn't matter, if you find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time you will have a baptism by fire, just like I did." L

NOTE: Big Run is in Wetzel County, WV, just south of the Pennsylvania state line (Greene County). It is an area known for Bigfoot activity, and an occasional canine cryptid. Lon

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