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Saturday, April 02, 2022

Bigfoot Exhibit Harrowing Activity, Experienced by Cavers Near Limrock, Alabama

A group of cavers in Limrock, Alabama experience harrowing Bigfoot activity while hiking towards the cave. This is not the first time that this has occurred. Very interesting account.

I recently came across the following account:

"This incident took place in about 1993 in Limrock, Alabama. There were, I think, six of us in our group. Cave entrances in the southeast are usually formed at the contact between the sandstone cap and the limestone layer beneath it, so we normally hike in from the bottom of the mountain, then contour around the hillsides at the sandstone-limestone contact until we reach the cave. On this particular trip, the cove was fairly remote, and there wasn't good access to the hillside from the bottom, so we'd gone in from the top, leaving our trucks off a road on the ridge line.

We'd only just begun contouring around the hillside when we found two oddities: A sapling, 9 inches in circumference (we measured it), that was broken six feet up the trunk. The top part of the sapling had been twisted around 360 degrees and the top was pointing downhill. The break was so fresh the wood was greenish and looked wet with sap. About 10 feet directly uphill was a little tee pee, about 14 inches tall, made out of sticks. So many sticks had been used that the walls were nearly solid. We stopped and considered these oddities for a bit. Opinions of their origin ranged from a Bigfoot did it (my opinion) to a crazy wind vortex that didn't move anything else near the sapling, including the leaves beneath it and maybe a little kid was miles from the nearest home and decided to make a doll-size teepee in the woods. We also noticed that there were large areas in which every sapling and bush was arched over with the arches all pointing downhill. (This is also associated with Bigfoot, but there were so many of them that I suspect it was something more along the lines of wind and ice...or a really, really obsessive-compulsive Bigfoot!)

As we hiked, we began to hear wood-knocking pacing us. If you've never heard it, it sounds like an axe hitting a tree. It was always two knocks, always about 100 feet uphill of us. About every 5 minutes, we'd hear the crack, crash, and thump of a tree falling just on the other side of the ridge line, always directly uphill from us. It's not uncommon for us to hear the sound of wood-knocking (always two above us, sometimes, on other trips, three knocks would answer the two from across a cove or down a hillside) and tree crashing pacing us when we hike to caves. I remember once hearing it on three different hillsides in one weekend. It's always directly uphill of us, keeping pace with us.

Anyway, as I said, we hear it pretty frequently, so, as always, we ignored it and continued hiking. All was fine until one of the guys in the group shoved over a dead, rotted tree stump (about 8 feet tall). Within seconds of the dead tree hitting the ground, it sounded like all hell breaking loose up above us on the hillside as trees started falling one after another after another. For the next five minutes it was a continuous crack, crash, boom, crack, crash, boom...). We stood there, stunned. Even the Bigfoot non-believers had fear in their eyes, and we nervously acknowledged to one another that we had seriously ticked off something up there!

We decided we'd better get moving, and hiked at a much more rapid pace to the cave! For the rest of the hike, we were pelted with dirt and pebbles and occasionally smallish rocks. The cave had a pit entrance, and I've never been so worried that something was going to mess with our ropes.

Upon exiting the cave about five hours later, we found our ropes and the gear we'd left outside the cave untouched. We didn't hear anything unusual on the hike back to the trucks, but then, we never hear this stuff hiking back to the vehicles. We only hear it hiking to the caves. I think the knocking is a sentinel signaling to the other Bigfoot the location of strangers. The tree crashing is almost certainly a threat display. I've often wondered why we hear the knocking and tree crashing so often on caving trips and rarely on other types of hikes. I suspect part of it is that we aren't armed, so they don't feel they need to hide as completely. Also, my group always hiked unusually fast, and a group of people with ropes and packs marching purposefully through their territory might be cause to alert the rest of their group. The knocking always comes from above us on the hillside, and I think it makes them cranky if we surprise them by hiking in from above. In both this incident and the one where something threw large rocks at us and followed us, bellowing, into a cave, we had hiked in from above instead of hiking up the mountain from the bottom." F

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