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Thursday, April 14, 2022

'Bigfoot Does Lurk in the Ozarks,' According to Experienced Missouri Camper

A Missouri woman, who was raised on camping and the outdoors since childhood, recalls the first time her and her husband heard the scream of a Bigfoot. She is now convinced it exists.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"I've lived my 50+ years in very rural settings and split my time between homes in north Missouri and in the Missouri Ozarks near the Arkansas border. The first time I went camping I was just a baby and my father's idea of camping was way beyond where the road ends. So I was exposed early and frequently to the many weird sounds and sights in the deep Ozark forests. Coyotes, foxes, owl and bobcats make some of the strangest noises heard. If you are in the woods near a farm, cattle do a lot more than moo. We camped and hunted often as I grew up and after my marriage, my husband and children continued the tradition. I say this to note that I know what I hear in the woods.

One night, in the early 1990s, we were at a campground in Meramec State Park with a family we were friendly with. They'd never camped before (that's why we were in a nice, clean, civilized, flush toilet containing campground). We'd had a nice evening and, we all in our separate tents around 1 AM, were fast asleep. Some sound woke me and I lay there listening. The camp was silent, the night cool and clear with a nearly full moon. I could tell by his breathing that my husband was also awake. As I was about to say something to him, a loud, long, deep, horrible roar came barreling down the river from no farther than 1/2 a mile away. I sat straight up in my sleeping bag with every nerve at attention. Neither of us (and my husband is as comfortable in the woods as I am) could come up with an explanation. It was just that one terrible scream.

The sound came from something with a massive chest. It was loud and deep, and seemed to go on forever. It was none of the animals I was familiar with after hundreds of nights of sleeping along Ozark rivers. It scared the @&%$ out of me.

The next day our new-to-camping Yankee friends didn't mention the scream, so we didn't bring it up as we couldn't explain it and figured no reason to spoil their first camp.

Since then, I've heard several people who I deem credible describe close first-hand experiences seeing "Bigfoot." Previous to us hearing that scream, I never believed in Bigfoot. But after hearing the conversations of of those experiencers, I've come to the uneasy conclusion that there is some huge primate lurking in the Ozarks backwoods." H

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