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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

'Alien DNA' Collected & Confirmed After Otherworldly Encounter

An Australian man had an extraordinary encounter of the third kind that neither his wife nor he would soon forget. He believes that the biological material which is a hair strand belonged to a Nordic Alien. Born in Lebanon in 1964, he moved to Australia in 1973 where he eventually met his wife, Vivian. Married in 1990, he and his wife lived in Sydney and had two children. In his own words, Khoury detailed his encounter:

On the 12th July 1988, I had an experience which changed my life. While lying on my bed, I felt something grab my ankles. As I felt this, a strange numbness, tingling and churning sensation crawled up through my body and right up to my head. I was paralyzed, I could not move any part of my body but for the exception of my eyes which I could move, open, or close. My brain was functioning but I could not do anything physically. I tried to call out to family members but I could not force the words out. At this stage I started to panic, thinking I would not walk again. I thought I was truly paralyzed.

All of a sudden I looked to my right side and I could see three or four figures wearing dark robes with hoods on their heads. Their faces were very wrinkled and shiny dark black in color. They were only about three to four feet in height. It was then that communication was made telepathically. There was no sound made, yet I could hear the message in my mind. I was told not to worry and I would not be harmed and to relax. As I moved my eyes and looked to the left side I noticed two beings who looked so different from the others. These two were thin, tall with big black eyes and a narrow chin. They were gold-yellow in color. The one closest to my head communicated with me telepathically, telling me not to worry, it would be like the last time. He looked at me with those big black eyes and I could feel the emotion through them. It was the eyes that expressed these feelings. You could see the smile in the eyes.

It was at this stage that I noticed a long needle-like, flexible crystal tube. The being then pointed the needle to the top left side of my head and inserted it. It was then that I blanked out. The next thing I remember I was conscious. I jumped out of bed like a flash, I walked into the TV room where my dad and brother were. I noticed they were asleep. I woke my brother up—he looked dazed and lost. As he put it, he felt switched off. I asked him how long it had been since I went to my room. He replied about 10 minutes, which was how long I thought it had been. When I left the TV room a film was just starting, yet as I spoke to my brother we realized that the TV station was closed and at least one to two hours had passed by.

The next day I spoke to my [fiancée] Vivian. I explained to her what had happened through the night. As I touched the spot where the needle was inserted, I discovered some dried blood under my finger nail. Vivian took a closer look and noticed a puncture hole and blood. I went to my family doctor and asked for a check up. The doctor spotted the puncture mark instantly and commented that I must have hit my head on a nail at work. When I tried to explain what had happened I was laughed at. I had nowhere to go for help, no one to discuss the incident with. It was frustrating to experience something so bizarre, so strange, yet so real. I ask you all to think about the situation abductees are in. What if you became a victim of the same circumstances? Wouldn’t you want someone to listen to you and feel confident in the fact that the people you are reporting your experience to understand and support you? I ask you once again to be open-minded to the fact that there are many individuals experiencing this phenomenon throughout the word.

In 1992, Khoury would have yet another bizarre experience, prompting him to contact Bill Chalker, a renowned expert in this field.

On the morning of July 23, 1992, Khoury was suddenly awakened to the sight of two unclothed, very human-looking females sitting on his bed. One of the women looked Asiatic while the other looked Scandinavian. Khoury claims they looked physically perfect and very exotic. He also alleges the eyes of the women looked unnatural in that they were bigger than a human’s eyes.

The women forced themselves on Khoury. He resisted and even attempted to bite one of them. His resistance caused what Khoury describes as confusion or shock. The women promptly vanished.

Khoury then alleges that he went to the bathroom. It was at that point that he experienced tremendous pain in his privates. When he examined himself, he discovered a blonde hair (one of the women was blonde while the other had black hair). The area was burning intensely. He did have the presence of mind to save the two blonde hairs in a plastic bag.

These pieces of hair were actual physical evidence of an alleged alien encounter. Khoury presented to ufologist and alien abductee investigator, Bill Chalker, the first case of collected evidence of an alien abduction experience. DNA was recovered from the hair samples.

A polymerase chain reaction process was done on the sample yielding a good result. For comparisons, hair was taken from the Khoury household members. The results were astounding.

“The thin blond hair, which appeared to have come from a light-skinned Caucasian-type woman, could not have come from a normal human of that racial type. Instead, though human, the hair showed five distinctive DNA markers that are characteristic of a rare sub-group of the Chinese Mongoloid racial type. A detailed survey of the literature on variations in mitochondrial DNA, comprising tens of thousands of samples, showed only four other people on record with all five of the distinctive markers in the blond hair. All four were Chinese, with black hair.” and “The findings suggest that all four of the Chinese subjects share a common female ancestor with the blonde woman. But there is no easy explanation for how this could be.” – The Anomaly Physical Evidence Group

To whom did the hair belong and how and why was it around Peter Khoury’s privates? No one knows.

But, without this evidence, Khoury’s experience would be chalked up to yet another unprovable eyewitness account.

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