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Saturday, April 16, 2022

6+ Foot Tall 'Owl Humanoid' Seen in Litchfield, Ohio Backyard

An Ohio witness describes an over 6+-foot-tall 'owl humanoid' that he witnessed in his backyard in Litchfield, Ohio when he was a child. He wonders if this may have been a Mothman, or something else.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"About 20 years ago, when I was a kid, my family lived in rural Litchfield, Ohio. One day, in the afternoon, I went to the kitchen for a drink while my stepfather took a nap in his bedroom. In our backyard we had two Osage Orange trees that were about 7-meters-tall sitting next to each other about 75 meters from the house at the edge of our property (This is relevant later.) Our kitchen was at the back of the house and at the end of the kitchen was a sliding glass door that led to the backyard. As I looked outside through the sliding glass door into the backyard I saw a 7-foot-tall owl/eagle like humanoid creature standing underneath one of the Osage Orange trees. (At the time the trees lower branches were taller than my step dad who is over 6 foot. Keep this in mind when considering the height of the creature. The creature was facing sideways to the right of my perspective and had its back to me slightly. The creature was all black and its head was slightly higher than the lowest branches of the Osage Orange tree it stood under.

I stared at it for a few seconds and noticed it was looking down at a spot on the ground. The longer I looked the more frightened I began to feel. I could see its wings clearly. They looked like what you would imagine angel wings look like, but large black feathers and the crest of the wings sat slightly higher than his head level. I could also see its head but the head was without feathers, instead it looked furry like a shorthaired dog. As a young boy I thought the creature was an eagle because I thought an eagle was a really big bird and I was worried that if I went outside it would carry me away. After a few moments the creature turned toward the house and I hid behind the kitchen counter as fast as I could in raw fear because I thought it noticed me somehow, like it looked at me because it knew I was there. I was worried it saw me and it would come get me so I ran into my room and hid behind my bed.

The next day I went to the spot that I saw the creature looking down at the ground and on the ground was a dead groundhog laying on its back. The groundhog had its entire chest and abdominal cavity cut open in a surgical manner right down the middle and flayed open. The groundhog looked freshly killed with no signs of decay. Nothing I could tell was visibly eaten, which even as a kid I thought was odd. I played outside everyday and I never saw that dead groundhog until that day.

As I grew up I realized that it was not an eagle and it actually resembled a humanoid owl. But no owl nor eagle is 7-feet-tall. Years later I would try to look up what it could have been and for a while I thought it could have been Mothman. I saw testimony of people who claimed to have seen Mothman and they said that he had similar features that I saw.

Mothman was also sighted in Ohio and West Virginia region which was relatively close to me as I lived in Ohio at the time. On one sighting, the witnesses said when they visited the spot they encountered him later on, they saw a deer cut open the same way that I saw the ground hog. Does anyone have any information to help me figure out what I saw? Was it Mothman/Owlman, or something else/ I read that in ancient Latin folklore 'Strix' would disembowel their prey and eat the intestines." RA

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