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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Hairy, Slim Cryptid Biped Encountered at Southern Colorado Residence

A man is outside checking his property before going to bed. He encounters a hairy, slim bipedal creature leaning against his car in the driveway. It quickly runs away on two legs.

I recently received the following account:

"This occurred in August 2013 at my home in southern Colorado. It's around 1 AM and I'm sitting in my living room watching TV. The Rottweiler is lying next to me in the floor, my wife is sleeping, and all the lights are off. To someone outside, it would seem all are asleep in the house.

The TV is in front of a large window. The window has a curtain over it, except for one small corner at the bottom of the window where the curtain is pulled back, so that we can see people stepping onto the porch during the day, while sitting on the couch. Again the exposed portion of the window is very small, and for someone to look inside they would have to bend down or be extremely short.

Suddenly my Rottweiler raises her head, puts her ears back, shows her teeth, and begins to let out a low growl. She's staring directly at the exposed corner of the window. I mute the TV, and after a minute her growling becomes snarls. She gets up on all fours, lowers her head, and is still staring at the corner. I quickly grab my 9mm, and duck under the TV, slowly make my way to the front door. I try to listen for any noise, but all I can hear is my very angry dog.

After a few minutes of this, I flip on the porch light and look through the front door window. I see nothing. Soon after, my dog chills and all seems to be well. I go to bed, but it's a sleepless night.

Fast forward a few nights. My wife is in the bed, the Rottweiler is sleeping in the other room, and I am pulling another late nighter, while watching some mindless garbage on TV. I decide to go to bed. I before I go, I figure I'll do a quick patrol around ours and the in-law's property. I grab my Maglite, load the Glock, and make my way outside. The moon is out bright, so I leave the porch light off.

Once I step on the porch I notice movement to the right of me, where my driveway and the vehicles are located, I shine my light towards the movement and see a large creature/animal next to my car. It's on two legs, with its arms on the top of my car, with its back to me. It's brown, hairy, very slim and lean. Once the light hits it, it rushes off, on two legs, towards the road, hits the pavement and runs into the woods, all of this without making a sound.

I wasn't able to get a good look at it, my eyes had yet to fully adjust and the whole ordeal only lasted about 5 seconds. I never saw its head/face but it was completely silent as it ran on gravels, then on pavement, then into the woods, I heard NOTHING, it's as if it floated into the woods.

Considering what happened just the night before, the whole situation made my hair stand up and I quickly made my way back inside. I have no idea what this was." RZ

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