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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Upright Canine Investigation Begins in Summit County, Ohio

A Summit County, Ohio family has contacted Phantom & Monsters Fortean Research in the hopes of addressing and possibly rectifying the presence and harassment by upright canines. 

A possible wolfman / upright canine was observed in the Silver Creek Metro Park in Norton, Ohio during the Autumn of 2013. Norton is in Summit County, and a southwest suburb in the Akron, Ohio metropolitan area.

The witness stated he was traveling on Johnson Road bordering Silver Creek Metro Park, approximately 50 yards from the intersection with Medina Line Road. He stopped his car when two deer raced across the road heading south. But then he saw what they were running from.

“I would place them somewhere between 6’6” and 7′ tall. They chased the two deer (which were both smaller, by the way) out across the street and into the woods. They ran one in front, two behind, kind of next to each other. They were roughly 30-40 yards behind the deer. They were bipedal, very muscular, and fast. Lightning fast. It all happened in just a few seconds. I couldn’t describe any features, unfortunately; I’m assuming it was either a new moon or cloudy because it was very dark, but they were definitely a dark color, maybe a chocolate-brown or a black color.

They say that Bigfoot has long arms that swing when it runs, and it runs like a human. Whatever these were, they weren’t Bigfoot. I can’t describe how they moved, but they didn’t move like a person.”

The same witness had another incident about one month later while driving near the same area:

“The fields had full-grown cornstalks, but I don’t know exact heights only that the cornstalks were taller than me by a head and I’m 6 feet tall. This time, was a quick flash because there was no open land to it. They basically leapt the road as they broke the corn and landed about 10-15 feet into the field on the other side and kept running. This time, the pair that I saw in the moonlight, the first was black and the second was black with white or silver on its chest and back. Since the first three. I saw were all a solid color, that means there must be at least four different creatures.”

In Linda Godfrey‘s book 'Real Wolfmen,' there’s a 2010 story titled “The Persistent Chicken Thief” (p. 262-7) about a family put in contact with Godfrey after several incidents at their residence, approximately 2 miles from Silver Creek Metro Park. Their son was one witness to a large, dark creature over six feet tall lurking in the tree line in March:

The lone rooster began to squawk and the creature let out a fierce growl, then all went silent. He heard what sounded like something jumping back over the fence, and the rooster squealed as if in pain. At that point, he grabbed a gun and flashlight and ran outside, searching the fence from the front porch with his light. He saw the rooster but it appeared to have something dark over its middle. It slowly dawned on him that the “something dark” was the muzzle of a creature with two glaring eyes.

“Whatever it was,” he said, “it seemed to look through me. It turned my blood cold and I was paralyzed with fear. I’m a hunter. I’m used to being in the wilderness and encountering bigger animals. Those animals don’t scare me like this thing did. When I encountered this thing the first time, I got the feeling that it wanted to hurt me. After researching something I’ve never believed in, I’m convinced that this thing is a dogman.”

Loud howls and the sound of something walking on two legs in the gravel driveway plagued the family for many months. The family kept a detailed diary of their strange events, but unfortunately, Godfrey has since lost contact with them.

That same family has now contacted the Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research team. Their ordeal has continued for almost a dozen years, and the intensity of the encounters has prompted the family to seek help. We are actively conducting a full-scale paranormal and cryptid investigation.

As the investigation continues, I will occasionally provide updates on the progress here at Phantoms & Monsters. I will state that this is a fascinating case, and includes a variety of phenomena that we plan to tackle incrementally. Stay tuned. Lon

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