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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Unknown Greenish Aquatic Creature Observed Off Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Coast

An American was in Cabo San Luis, Mexico for a bachelor party. Later, he was on a fishing charter and observed an unknown greenish-colored aquatic creature that had surfaced.

I recently received the following account:

"I was in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for my soon-to-be brother in law’s bachelor party in March of 2014.  We were a group of perhaps eight guys, staying in a rented house in Pedregal.  We booked a fishing charter, predictably, and the morning-of we arrived at the dock at perhaps 4:45am. This is a bit earlier than charters usually go out, and that motivated everybody to just stay up through the previous night.  We went to the clubs the night before, and thus the group was rather groggy and hungover by the time we got to the dock.  The boat itself was perhaps 38’ and had an owls nest structure with a platform in between the cabin and the owls nest itself; sort of an open cubby.  Once we got to the boat, I quickly claimed that as my spot to just rest, while everyone else was condemned to the cabin area on the couches, or below deck.

We motored out of the marina, past the seals, and started the trip which generally involved trolling east and west perhaps two miles out in the Bahia San Lucas.  Early on, a humpback whale came right up to the side of the boat to look at us, and breached (not jumped, just came out of the water a bit), which was rather amazing.  I believe I was the only one who saw it, other than the captain and perhaps the mate, because everyone else was sleeping.

We were motoring westward, still in the Bahia San Lucas, and I was still in my perch, enjoying the better view.  I noticed about 1/2 mile in front of us a collection of things sticking substantially out of the water.  There are many pelicans in the area, and at first I thought what I was looking at was a collection of 5-6 of them, all with their heads down into the water and their wings sticking back and up from / out of the water.  As I continued to watch, however, it became apparent these were not pelicans - rather, they were a series of sets of paired fins that were extended out of the water. Picture the top half of a fish’s tail fin, in a pair separated by about four feet of water, the pair being in a series of 5-6, and each sticking up out of the water about five feet.  They were not humps or coils, and there was no porpoise-ing movement.  At first, they did not appear to be arranged but eventually, though for just a moment, straightened their orientation so as to be in more of a row at which point the fins folded almost in sequence and disappeared from view.  The entire sighting lasted about 10 seconds.  The color was greenish, though they were obviously wet and the water reflected the sunlight, making it difficult to see what the color was.

I asked the captain, who was the only other person facing that direction as everyone else was fishing behind the boat, if he knew what it was, and he just responded with a blank, wide-eyed head shake.  My phone was in the bag beneath the deck, though I doubt any picture I might have taken would have been very good at that distance and under those light conditions (basic phone camera, very bright, on water, etc.), and at the time I didn’t even think to take a picture, I was too busy looking.

Positive identification in the traditional sense was not possible.  However, “it” most certainly was not a whale, dolphin, seal, fish, bird, shark, or ray.  Cabo has an abundance of wildlife, and whales, dolphins, birds (flying and diving into the water), large seals, sea turtles, and large rays (jumping out of the water) are all common and rather unmistakable at most any distance.  A grey whale may be confused with a humpback whale, a dolphin with a porpoise, a pelican with a frigate bird, seal with a sea lion, etc., but there was no confusing this thing with standard wildlife.

I cannot draw very well, so it’s best to simply refer you to others’ approximate illustrations.  I have a respectable collection of cryptozoology books, and I consulted them to see if there was anything reported that resembled what I saw.  The “Osborne” sea serpent sighting of 1877,[1] as reported by Heuvelmans in his In the Wake of Sea Serpents, and in Tim Dinsdale’s The Leviathans (p. 137) displays the paired (albeit one set of) fins extending out of the water.  Heuvelmans also categorizes a “multi-finned” variety of sea serpent, and in A.C. Oudemans book The Great Sea Serpent he includes an illustration and account from 1856 (Cpt. Tremearne)[2] of an animal with something like the set of fins as I saw.  I cite these just for exemplifying the fins, as again I didn’t see any part of a body, head, neck, or tail, although the set of fins moved in unison as those attached to one body.

While the sighting was brief and inconclusive, I consider myself very fortunate and I presume such sightings are in fact much more common than understood, as one almost has to know what to look for and/or at least be able to almost instantly disclaim or discount the lot of accepted zoological explanations, e.g., that can’t be a whale because ABC, that can’t be a seal because XYZ, etc.  Perhaps creatures like these are seen very often, but the witness just don’t know or appreciate what they are looking at and absent something dramatic happening, the event comes and goes without report.

I’ve been back to Cabo and other parts of Mexico several times, always fishing at least once, and despite keeping my eyes out, have not seen anything similar since." AE

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