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Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Tall, Dark, Red-Eyed Humanoid Breaks Into Massachusetts Home

A Massachusetts family discovers that there is a home break-in in their basement. They soon encounter a tall, dark, red-eyed humanoid that swiftly runs from the porch to the nearby woods. 

I received the following account from investigator Ken Pfeifer who states that this was reported to MUFON:


"We were young kids between the ages of 13 and 16. We lived in a 2½ story house. We were in our room on the 3rd floor when our black lab came flying up the stairs barking to get out attention. The dog ran straight down to the basement where we found our bulkhead door had been forced open. Believing this could be a possible burglary, we headed upstairs toward the main apartment on the second floor too call police. My older brother lived on the first floor with his wife and kids and was not home at the time.

As we were coming up the basement stairs, we heard something moving hurriedly in the first floor hallway above. Once we got to the first floor, we noticed the door to the back porch open which is generally always closed. The bulb on the porch unfortunately was removed or blown, I can't really remember which.

When we went out onto the porch, we saw a dark (black or green) entity crouched against the railing of the porch. At that crouched height it was about 4-5 feet tall. It had red glowing eyes. It sprinted over the railing and headed towards the woods about 300 feet from the house. This made it's height roughly 6-8 feet? We ran into the house and called police, who after searching the house and neighborhood believed it may have been an adult human who attempted a break in/mess with us. And called our parents as well as telling us to remain indoors with the food locked.

This was no human. I remember it as it it was yesterday. I don't even know if this the right place to report this as I don't know if this was a cryptid, or alien entity. No UFO of any type was spotted leaving the area. But I know damn well it wasn't human."

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