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Sunday, February 06, 2022

Red-Haired Bigfoot Encounters Family in Newton County, Arkansas

A Ponca, Arkansas man and his family encounter a Bigfoot while driving through a thunderstorm in Newton County. The creature had flowing red hair and was very agile and fast.

The following account was recently forwarded to me by an investigator:

Ponca, Arkansas resident SH said that he and his family encountered into the “skunk-ape,” southern nomenclature for Bigfoot, while driving through a storm in the Ozarks (Newton County)

“We were going to scout out a river for canoeing, and we had to go slow because you couldn’t pull off. There were many real sheets of heavy rain and limbs blowing across the road. It was a violent thunderstorm.

“We made a dog-leg turn, and this thing appeared right in front of us. But when it ran across the road it raised its arm because it had to jump down. But its strides; it was moving faster than anything,” SH said. He stated  that he couldn’t believe his eyes at first.

“I said, ‘Did anyone else see that?’ and my grandson said, ‘Yes,’ and my wife said, ‘Was that an elk?’ “It absolutely was not an elk.” SH said.

He may have just gotten a glimpse, but SH said the creature’s form and features stick with him. “The most striking thing about it was its long flowing red hair, because it threw its arm up as it was running to make this leap,” SH said. “I mean it literally was a seven-foot drop on the other side of the road and he didn’t try to jump.

“I mean it just ran off of it, almost like a sprinter going to hurdle. It was agile. This thing was eight foot or taller. Unbelievable. Two steps to cross the road. It was very athletic.”

SH said that the encounter convinced him of Sasquatch’s existence, but he rarely tells his story.

“I told people and they laughed at me,” SH said, adding that if he had been in a different state of mind, he would have attempted to gather more evidence.

“Talk about stopping to look at footprints?” he said. “I was so afraid, I just wanted to get out of there. I mean, it was a reaction. It was bipedal and it was moving.”

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