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Saturday, February 19, 2022

Possible Portal Opening & Black Helicopters Above Devonshire, UK Town (PHOTOS)

Over the years, I have received several incredible sightings and encounters from Devonshire, UK and locations in the region. This incident involves a possible opening of a portal and black helicopters.

"It was a sunny hot day, and I was sat outside at the garden table eating my lunch, and while I was chewing on my food I slowly looked around the sky for anything unusual. There was relatively good visibility this particular day, and the sky was clear and blue.

I was looking towards an area of the sky that had a fading contrail with in it, when I suddenly noticed a glint of light directly below the contrail. So, I immediately stopped eating my lunch, and quickly put down my knife and fork, before I then picked up my high-powered zoom binoculars. Looking through them I was completely shocked by what I saw. There was an open portal in the sky, but what was even more shocking than that, was the fact that I could see some type of biological entity looking out from within the portal. The entity was humanoid in appearance, and I could clearly see that it had brown hair upon its head just like that of a human. I could also see it's beady eyes, and its large nose, but strangely there was no sign of a mouth, which I found to be rather odd. I could even see that it had a flashing purple earpiece within its right ear. Astonishingly, I could also see that the humanoid entity was wearing some type of silver metallic body armour.

I put down my binoculars and immediately picked up my Sony HX-300 camera and zoomed in on that particular area of the sky and just started taking photographs. As I looked through the viewfinder the open portal began to move downwards, and it then seemingly closed up, turning into a green ball of light that then just seemed to dissipate from out of existence. I was completely flabbergasted by this sighting I had such a clear view of this portal and alien entity, and I had taken many photographs to show exactly what I had seen.

As I continued to observe that area of the sky, I then heard some helicopters approaching, then to my complete surprise three black helicopters flew in from the east. The three black helicopters flew around the area as if they were looking for something, and I then noticed that one of the black helicopters had a rectangular box attached to the landing skid. I had never seen this before, but I had no doubt that the rectangular box was filled with sensors and other classified technology. It was pretty obvious to me, that these helicopters were definitely at this location due to the sudden appearance of this other-worldly portal. The helicopter with the rectangular box on the landing skid hovered there in the exact same spot where the portal had been situated. I was totally flabbergasted by this, and I immediately took photographs of the helicopter.

These black unmarked helicopters stayed in the vicinity above the town for quite some time before they finely all flew off heading back east. I could hardly believe what I had just witnessed going on there directly above the town centre.‎ This incredible incident took place at 11:14 AM on the 25th of ‎September ‎2014, at Newton Abbot Devon England.‎" JM

NOTE: I present these photographs as received for your own interpretation. There is another incident from earlier in 2014 that includes a possibly image of an otherworldly entity. That report, with photos, will be posted at a later date. Devonshire, along with its interesting history, has been witness to a lot of strange anomalies. JM has uncovered many of these unexplained incidents over the past decade, and as been kind enough offer the information to the readers. Lon 
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