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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Pale-Haired Upright Creature Encountered by Scottish Couple

A Scottish man and his girlfriend are walking home late at night near a creek in Dundee, when they encounter a pale-haired humanoid. The witness believes that the creature was a Bigfoot.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"I'm am from Dundee, Scotland and I wanted to report something I saw a while ago. Back when this happened I was in my 20's. Back then I had no idea what it was I saw, but now I would say I saw a Bigfoot face to face. Sorry, I feel like a bit of a nutter saying this to you and I've already reached out to other paranormal researchers previously, but no one seems to care really or take me seriously. I came forward to a number of people who said they investigated experiences like mine, each responding with a quick 'not thanks'. Now I take the reports myself, and I still hear from so many people turned away, left with nowhere to go.

This happened around Christmas 2019. I was at my ex-girlfriend's house and my friend was with us also. She decided to walk home late at night alone on the country lanes and that worried me. So I suggested I would walk her part of the way, as she was a younger lady and had quite a way to go to get to her house. The area is a bit dodgy at night. My ex said would also come with us.

So, all three of us set off, as we cut though some shortcuts and stopped outside her house having walked her the whole way. My ex-girlfriend and I started walking back the way we had come to go home. It was a cold night. The path we were walking eventually comes to a bridge. Under the bridge is a creek that splits into two. There are six ways in and out of this place. It's dark with no streetlights, and only a few small woods dotted about which are full of wildlife.

We walked across the bridge, and as we turned a corner, there 'It' was. 'It' was huge in size, tall and broad, definitely not human in any sense of the word. You could tell 'it' wasn't human because 'it' was in clear view, sitting half on a path and half in the bushes, by a creek at 2 or 3 am in the morning. When 'It' stood up to full height 'It' was like a giant, standing there with long huge arms. My ex-girlfriend and I ran off. The incident has bugged me ever since, wondering what I saw that night.

The weird thing is, a few years later I saw a report in the paper about the guy across Tayport, and close to the Tay Estuary, who saw something like this creature too. He described the same 'thing' I saw. I have heard the tales of the Grey Man in the Cairngorms. But, how do you tell people now that's what you saw. Nobody is going to believe me and up to now nobody has? I've have also heard growling too over the years when I have been out. So that's what happened to me.

I'm convinced what I saw was a Bigfoot. It had a pale white colour with maybe a bit of grey mixed in to the light coloured hair. It also had reddish eyes. Well, I thought they were red" DH

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