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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

'Not Deer' Encounter Shocks & Bewilders Connecticut Driver

A Connecticut witness describes an incident involving a police officer and another driver. Their attention was drawn towards a deer, literally sitting in the middle of the road and acting bizarre.

I was recently directed to the following account:

"It was about 11 PM on a warm summer night and I was driving home from a friend's house on a rural back road here in Connecticut. From a distance I could see a police car with its lights on pulled up in the middle of my lane, parked side by side to a pick up truck. My first instinct was that maybe the truck had hit something or been pulled over. But it was weird because the cop wasn't pulled up behind the truck like they usually do. It was parked parallel to it.

I had my windows down because it was nice out and could hear the cop and the man in the car shouting in conversation through their windows. I listened to the two talk from their windows and overheard the man in the truck say something like, "Man, something isn't right. It's not hit or injured. I just found it like that." This grown man had genuine fear in his voice and was just pointing frantically out his window going on and on about how they should just shoot it.

I turn my attention in the direction of where the guy and cop are pointing and my headlights illuminate this sight of a deer that is "sitting" directly beside the cops car. It was extremely weird because the deer was sitting in perfect alignment with the yellow lines on the road, as if it had been intentionally trying to place itself there and in the direct middle of the two lanes. This thing looked like a prop or statue, the way it has assembled itself. I could see a liquid pooled around the deer that I assumed was blood until I realized that the deer was seemingly uninjured and showed no visible signs of wounds or blood. While scanning the scene from my car behind the cop I realized that the liquid that was pooled around it wasn't blood but was actually saliva that was falling from the animals mouth like a waterfall and collecting all over the road and down its neck. It's head was weirdly shaped, skinnier than it should have been in contrast to its giant body. It was bobbling like a bobble head on a dashboard staring straight in the direction of the cop and truck. It looked hypnotized or something. I thought maybe it has rabies.

Then I kind of tuned into my body and my stomach knotted up and my heart started racing. I can't describe the feeling here, but it sort of felt like I realized that time was moving super slow, like in a dream or daze. I was deciding if I should just wait there behind the cars or go around the scene in the opposite lane, when I noticed something else that was so off. This deer was "sitting" in a position that unnerved me to no end. This animal was literally sitting crisscross with its legs and joints all contorted and pretzeled in a way that seemed physically impossible unless it had been manipulated by someone to do that. It was even more weird that it was sitting this way in the middle of the road and directly aligned with the yellow line. It all looked so off, in a disconnected and time bending way.

I immediately felt this unfamiliar paralyzing fear inside my stomach and chest. I felt like I was seeing something I shouldn't have or was someplace I shouldn't be. I just wanted to get out of there, so I slowly (to avoid interaction with the cop) veered into the opposite lane and creeped by the deer. My intuition was strongly telling me not to look out my passenger side window as I inched past the animal who was now like eye level to my car and two feet away. I ended up looking and when I did, it was like this thing knew before my eyes even hit it that I was looking at it. The deer SHOT its head around to face me and lock eyes with me right as I looked at it. I will never ever forget its eyes and the feeling they evoked in me. They were black, like darker than shadows black and stared at me with some kind of intention or intelligence or something. I was physically paralyzed and drawn to a complete stop for what felt like minutes while this deer just stared at me with it's cold eyes. I know this sounds crazy, maybe it was just the fear, but those moments I was making eye contact with it, I felt like I was in a trance and like my whole life was sort of flashing before my eyes in a dreamy and terrifying way. I felt like 10 seconds became 10 minutes and a weird vulnerability, like a stranger walked in on me naked. Every hair on my body was standing up and my heart was racing and then it all just all stopped, and I snapped out of it and drove on.

I was terrified the whole way home, but also so curious for an explanation. I kept trying to convince myself that it was just a sick deer or that it was hit and maybe internally injured. But some many details of how its legs were cross and how it was placed, and how it knew I was going to look at it before I did, and how its eyes looked and made me feel. It all just felt weirdly paranormal or unexplained.

I immediately hit the internet when I got home and discovered those diseases that makes deer act off and also for the first time heard about a 'not deer.' That logical side of me wants to chalk that experience I had up to a diseased deer. But the part of me that felt and saw that I did, just thinks there was something more to it. Needless to say, it was the hands down scariest experience of my life and really shook me for a while. I've felt unsettled around deer ever since then, even though before the experience I use to really enjoy seeing them. I'd like to know how to explain what I saw and experienced that night. But I'll never forget it." DM

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