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Monday, February 07, 2022

'Mothman' Experience Disclosed 50 Years Later in Charleston, West Virginia

A group of young friends in Charleston, West Virginia encounter the Mothman while walking home from a church social one summer night. Have you ever seen a winged humanoid? If so, contact me. 

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

I live in Charleston, West Virginia. All of my family has lived here for several generations.

Back in the early 1970s, my mother, uncles and a few of their friends were walking home one late summer night after a church social. The distance that they needed to cover was about one mile.

As they turned the corner down the little holler where they lived, they saw something standing a off the road, a few yards away. A very large creature with huge red eyes almost in its neck.. large wings and a very terrifying glare. They saw this thing before it became well-known and infamous. They didn't know what it was then. Apparently, it was aggressive, and it chased them all the way home. It was flying and bouncing off trees, and making awful screeching noises, in an attempt to keep up with them, which is successfully and did.

My grandmother said my mom was 15-years-old at that time, and was so terrified when she made it into the house that she fell through the door. She was screaming hysterically, pointing at the sky, sobbing uncontrollably, begging her brothers to lock the doors. Her 20-year-old brother refused to walk to his girlfriend's home that night, and apparently he refuse to leave the house very much for a few years after that. My mother and all the people in that group, to this day, refuse to talk about it (my grandparents told us the story secretly. Mom told it a few years ago when we were all out of state together).

I was with my mother in a department store 20 years ago, and she ran into a lady named Penny, who had been with them the night of their encounter (I'm guessing the brother's girlfriend). My mom leaned in, and said, "Can we all, maybe, sit down and talk about that night?" The woman stopped my mother dead sentence and said, "I do not want to talk about it," and walked away. I was shook." JM

NOTE: Charleston, WV is located 55 miles southeast of Point Pleasant, WV along the Kanawha River. Lon

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