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Monday, February 14, 2022

Large Unexplained 'Winged Entity' Encountered by Jersey, Channel Islands Resident

A Jersey, Channel Islands resident observes a large membrane winged entity while looking out a barn window. The entity approaches the witness with unexplained abilities of flight and presence.

The following account was forwarded to me by a third party:

"I live on the Channel Island of Jersey, I have lived here since1990, and in that time I’ve seen a couple of strange things (a golden basket-ball sized sphere floating up a valley against the prevailing wind and a mechanical device of some sort that was above my car emitting the strangest sound and motion) but nothing that compares to the incident I had one summer late-eve in 2009.

I was brought-up in the countryside and on a farm, my family having three farms in rural Northumberland. So I am well versed with our countryside life, both domestic and wild, and the behaviour and sounds of these animals in all of their modes and states, being distress, hungry or other.

It was a hot summer night in mid-August 2009, 10-10:30 PM local time, and I was sitting near an open second-floor window of a barn conversion that was part of a rural farm that had recently been developed into high-end living. Being it was in the countryside, it was very peaceful and quiet, especially at that time of night. I don't know how long I was listening, but I suddenly became aware of a dogs barking, in distress. I got up and put my head out of the window and looked to my left, where the sound was coming from, which was behind a thicket of trees about 80-odd feet to my left.

I then saw this 'thing' rise-up, vertically, without any motion of any wings to a similar height that I was at and about 10 feet above the tops of the trees, which would be about 60 feet in all. This thing just looked like a dirty, yellow-white (dirty cream-coloured) mass of something? It then became absolutely silent, no sound of any sort. The dogs had stopped barking and there was an 'unreal’ silence that I have never experienced before. Complete silence. 'It' then beat its wings once and was level with me. 'It' had travelled the 80-odd feet on one flap of its wings and was now about 15 feet away from my head, presenting it’s full profile. I couldn’t understand how It travelled that far with just one flap of It’s wings.

Its head reminded me of a seal's and was the size of a very large dog, but it had a beak like a puffin, or a parrot, which was black. It's eyes were just pools of black and I did not want to look into them. It was just ‘hanging’ mid-air. It stopped with no movement, back or forth. I then became aware of its wings going up again, that's when I saw that they were like leather, and It gave one flap and was gone, Its wings were about 8 feet long each and made a ’swoosh’ sound as it moved them. I looked after It and It had travelled an impossible distance again with just one one flap of the wings, and then that was that, It was gone from my line of site. I didn't get a good look at the rest of the body. It was head, beak, eyes, wings, then gone.

One of the crazy things is, my partner at the time was no more than 10 feet away from me when this took place. I didn't shout for her to come and look. I didn't even tell her about it afterwards, or since. I found myself questioning myself over this incident, questioning my own state of mind, my own sanity. I can not/couldn’t comprehend what it was that I’d seen. Many a time, even years later, I would find myself looking up and in trees when I've been alone in the countryside, walking, driving, whatever, and thinking that that 'Thing' could be in there right now and you’d have no idea.

It’s not like I live in some wilderness. Where I am is only a small island, 9 miles by 5. The other strange thing was the effect that this seemed to have on ‘time.’ I don’t know how to ascribe the correct words that would do justice to this effect that would enable you to have a good understanding of what and how it felt. Something really strange happened to ‘time.’ whatever that may be.

As you can imagine, I’ve thought a lot about that night since it happened, wondering what in the world could that animal be? Is It a ‘left-over?' An animal that is very ancient and somehow has survived in a small pocket somewhere? Is It a modern-day hybrid of some sort, from some lab, a genetic Frankenstein's monster that has escaped or been turned loose? I don’t know, but what I am coming around to believing now, is that it has to be inter-dimensional. It broke the laws of our physics, It displayed anti-gravity type behaviour when it was just hanging in the air when it travelled the distance it did with just one flap of its wings. It was an impossible distance if behaving by our laws of physics. So it sits with me well to say that it is probably inter-dimensional.

The only other thing that sits with me well is the conclusion that has come to me that this thing was demonic in nature. There was absolutely nothing with this creature and the experience of seeing it that screamed-out any ‘love and light!' I was afraid to look into it’s eyes. I don’t know why, but when it was happening there was a voice saying to me, “don’t look into its eyes, don’t look into its eyes.” Its whole appearance, colour, etc, everything about it just had a very negative vibe about it all.

OK, well that’s about it, that is a truthful account of what I saw and felt on that August evening in 2009." Name withheld

NOTE: The supernatural aspects described are similar, in some respects, to the winged humanoids (The Winged Ones) reported in the Chicagoland area. The description reminded me of a mythical Griffin-like being. Lon

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