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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Huge Red-Eyed 'Bigfoot' Encountered at Malmstrom AFB Missile Site

An Airman stationed at Malmstrom AFB checked a missile site after an alarm sounded. When he arrived, he noticed that a huge red-eyed biped was watching him, which he believes was a Bigfoot.

The following account was forwarded to me:

"I was an Airman assigned to Minute Man missile security when I was stationed at Malmstrom AFB in Cascade County, Montana during the late 1980s.

This incident originated on the west side of Great Falls, Montana in the more mountainous region. But my post was on the east side in the prairie lands.

While on duty one night, the banjo alarms went off at one of the missile sites and I responded with my team member. This particular site was in what appeared to be a crater, surrounded by high walls of dirt and a 7-foot fence with razor wire at the the top of the dirt walls.

Just before I proceeded downstairs, I had the feeling I was being watched and looked up the hill to my right. Standing behind the light pole stood something that was taller than the fence and had red eyes. I could see the entire outline of the figure, but couldn’t make out details other than red eyes reflecting back at me. Now mind you, I’m looking up hill and this thing is a head taller than the fence and razor wire, which made it in the 10 to 12 foot height range. It’s important to note that I’d been to this site many times during daylight hours and I knew there weren’t any bushes, trees, or anything else anywhere close to the fence line of this site. That fact is what worried me.

When I came back up top, I looked at the light pole again and it was still standing there. I called over the radio to my partner and asked if he could see anything near the pole, but he said he was too far away. When I finished up, I was supposed to walk the exterior of the fence, shut off the lights, and wait for the alarm to reset. Under normal circumstances that didn’t bother me because I had my M16 and 210 rounds of 5.56. But on this particular night, that fence line didn’t get walked. 

I’m naturally a skeptic. If I have never seen it, it doesn’t exist. I believe in Bigfoot critters because I’ve seen one on two separate occasions during daylight. Once while in my tree climber 30 foot up in a tree and looking down on one about 30 to 40 yards from me standing on an opening. I do not believe in UFOs, aliens, the Loch Ness Monster or any other phenomena that I’ve never witnessed. I believe Bigfoot is a natural creature, like humans, and what I saw that night east of Malmstrom AFB may have been Bigfoot because it was human shaped, huge, and likely 10 to 12-foot-tall. I had no interest in verifying its identity." MR

NOTE: Malmstrom AFB in Montana, as well as Joint Base Lewis-McChord AFB in Washington, both long-time strategic missile sites, are well-known for documented Bigfoot sightings and activity. Lon 

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