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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

'Glimmer Man' Entity Encountered at Abandoned USAF Radar Station

The witness and his friend were exploring the abandoned Brookfield USAF Station in Ohio when they encountered an unknown 'beeping' and an aggressive 'glimmer man' entity.

The witness, Joseph, claims that sometime in November 2002, he and a friend decided to head to the abandoned Brookfield Air Force Station, located near Brookfield, Ohio. It had been abandoned since around 1986, after previously being a nursing home. There were about 30 empty buildings on ten acres of land, surrounded by overgrown vegetation and a barbwire fence. Police regularly patrolled the area to keep out vandals, though many of the locals, like Joseph, spent much of their youth roaming around the old base. Joseph believes he had been there more than 100 times. As an adult, Joseph still liked to go up to the area occasionally and shoot guns, hike, etc. The base was about a tenth of a mile from his home, through the woods. There was a hole cut in the fence which allowed easy access to the property.

On that chilly November 2002 day, Joseph and his old friend, Tory, decided to head to the base to do some shooting (only Joseph was armed). There was light snow on the ground as they made their way through the woods, following a deer path to the wire fence. Joseph noted that it was unusually quiet that day walking in the woods; no sounds of animals, no wind, no nothing. At the time, he didn't think much of it but looking back, he believes that it was strange enough that he remembered it. After finding and crawling through the hole, they eventually they made their way onto the base, walking through knee deep grass.

The Beeping Sound

As they walked towards the buildings, they began to hear beeping sounds, which they found to be odd given that the buildings hadn't had power since the late 1980s. As they got within five feet of the building, the beeps increased and became louder. They eventually made their way through an open garage bay door and this is when the beeping went crazy (think a metal detector zeroing in on metal). Tory became frightened. Joseph noticed that there were two doors leading into rooms, one of which was closed. He found this odd because every other time he had come up, the doors were open. The beeping was coming from the room with the door closed, so, despite Tory's misgivings, Joseph kicked open the door and entered. The beep slowly faded out replaced by a loud droning sound.

He noticed a device sitting on the floor, about 3 feet away. Initially, he thought it was a pipe bomb. He thought he was going to die. It looked an air compressor with wires on its left side going into a rectangular black box with a cylinder attached to it. “I have no idea what it was?” Joseph recalled. He wondered if the police or maybe the Marines (who occasionally trained on the base) had put it there. Tory was frightened and insisted that they leave. Joseph also shared that feeling. They decided to head back to the fence and get out of there. As they made their way through the tall grass, things got very quiet. They both stopped, sensing that they were being watched. All of a sudden, they could hear footsteps coming through the overgrown brush. That is when they noticed, across the field, that snow was bouncing up and the grass/bushes were parting, as if something was going through the grass, something they couldn't see. “It was the weirdest thing,” Joseph said.

The Invisible Entity

Joseph could see the outline of what appeared to be a human, but it was transparent. He could see through it. He could see the brush on the other side of it, but it was distorted, “like an optical illusion.” Both men became frightened and headed for the fence. Joseph and Tory both kept an eye on it as they moved. They noted that there were clear indentations in the snow and the brush and snow were moving as if somebody was trudging through the grass, but they couldn't see anything beyond an outline. Even stranger, Joseph claimed that it seemed to completely vanish occasionally and then come back. It trailed them but never got more than 30 feet away from them except when they neared the fence. At some point Joseph stopped and raised his rifle at the thing. This seemed to anger the entity. There was some brush that stood about 15 feet high and it separated “like somebody drove a truck through it.” It was coming hard. Snow was flying, brush was flying. Joseph aimed at it but, for the first time ever as a hunter, he felt a real sense of dread, like he should not shoot at it. His friend Tory also urged him not to shoot, as it would only make it worse. They eventually found the hole and by this time, it was full sprinting at them. The two men rushed through and into the woods, keeping their eyes on the semi-invisible entity. Joseph noticed that it had stopped at the fence. “It was almost as if it wasn't allowed to leave. Then it was gone, like it evaporated.”

Three weeks later, Joseph returned with another friend and they spent hours searching through every abandoned building and never found the beeping device, nor did they ever encounter the entity again. Looking back, Joseph senses that the thing he encountered was “something evil” and that it meant to do them harm. He likened his sighting to the alien in the “Predator” films, but noted that, while similar, it wasn't the same.

In the comment section of the video is a post from a person named Ian Billen, which seemed to back up some of Joseph's claims:

“Excellent to hear because I'm very familiar with the Radar Base in Brookfield, Ohio. My Grandmother lived in the woods right behind it (Stewart Road). As kids we would journey there from time to time through the woods on a special secret hike. We would get in through a hole in the fence in the woods. In a word: Eerie. I am familiar with the beep and the garage! My cousin Jon and I heard the beep, but we never knew where it would come from (the beeps did not speed up... just loud beeps / spaced a few seconds apart coming from somewhere?).There was definitely something going on there.

After it had closed as a nursing home, there was still mail being delivered (and collected regularly). Fire hydrants were still being kept up to date. Telephones were still on (and ringing). Dogs were kept in select areas inside locked abandoned buildings. This was many years after it had closed and not a soul was around, however, you ALWAYS felt as if you were being watched. At times the police would show up and, being as we were kids, we would take off (how would they know we were there?). There was definitely something governmental / UFO always surrounding this place well before the famous UFO incident (See: 1994 - The Trumbull County, Ohio, UFO Incident) and at times ghost-like things occurred that is too long to type here? We would hear sudden, loud unexplained things / bangs noises right within our vicinity that we could not determine if it was a person on the next floor (who should not be there and that we didn't see) or the grounds that were haunted. We would also hear things in buildings etc. (and this place is place in the middle of no where, no houses or people in site and it is fenced off way back off of Route 7). The UFO incident simply sealed the deal for us. Awesome to hear this because the few folks who lived right around the area always suspected SOMETHING just HAD to be up with the radar base.”

Excerpts: UFO CHRONICLES PODCAST, Ep.36 'Chased By An Invisible Entity' - Published on January 27, 2020

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