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Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Creepy Black-Eyed Kids Encounters - What Are They?

Three creepy instances involving black-eyed kids. What do they really want? Are these kids possessed somehow. Is there an alien influence? Have you had a similar experience?

I recently received the following accounts:

"This is interesting because I had an encounter with a black-eyed kid when I was a child in 2003. My family and I live in the Bay Area and were driving north for some camping fun when I was about 10 (I'm now 24) and I'll never forget this experience.

We had pulled over in the middle of the night at a dinky little gas station. My dad went inside to pay and my mom was left in the passenger seat with the window down and my brother and I were in the back seat. I was looking around and noticing how pitch black it was everywhere. We must have been very far from any real civilization because I swear you couldn't see past the lights the gas station had on.

Out of nowhere this kid, who seemed to be about 14, came up to the car and asked my mom, "You wanna see something?" She said "What?" He then threw a giant dead grasshopper into the car. This freaked my mom out and she screamed. But him and I made eye contact and it spooked me so much that every time I recalled the image of his face it sent chills up my spine. His eyes were completely blacked out and he was grinning and all his teeth were sharpened. My dad then came running out and he ran away. But it was so traumatizing as a small child." AP


“In 2017, I was in college on break and I saw a younger girl near where I was (I was on my own). I didn't really think much of it and I kind of wanted to be by myself, so I walked off. But she started following me. I stopped and turned around and she was just looking at the ground like she was scared, so I asked her if she was okay. She kept on asking for me to help her find her family and that she was lost. So without asking any questions I asked, "What's your name?" and "how old are you?" Like I would normally do I just automatically.

She was really far ahead from me when I started walking so I put on a jog, I got near and we went around a sharp corner when I realized I was just about to go off grounds so I stopped. I was so focused on following this girl that I hadn't even realized how far away I'd got from the college so I shouted, "No, let's go back, it'll be okay. We can ask at reception." But she refused and I said, "No, come on, it's not safe to be about here on your own." I went to grab her hand to pull her towards the college when she looked up and her eyes were fully black...the whole eyeball.

I quickly let go and jump backwards in a gasp and she said, "Please, just help me find my parents." I was so shocked I just slowly backed away (we were near a road now - I'd walked more!). That's when I realized something was wrong. I honestly thought I was gonna get hit by a car and die. Something was up, I just didn't know what. So I turned around and mumbled I was going back (I didn't want to run away from a child). I walked as fast as I could trying not to look too freaked out, but then I realized she was following me. It creeped me out but I just carried on. She still followed, so I slowed down a bit and said, "Wait here."

I then got really scared and started running. She started running after me I screamed, "Stop following me!" I was freaking out. I just wanted her to get away from me. I ran around that corner and thought I'd lost her, but I carried on running anyway. I wasn't willing to chance it. I then bumped into a group of boys and told them don't go that way, there's someone following me, get help. They just laughed and left. I stopped for a second to check what was going on and she came back from around the corner and slowly walked up to me saying, "Please just help me find my mummy. I don't want to hurt you. I just want to play games." That's when I screamed and started crying and sprinted up to reception to explain what happened.

They took me to a back room and said it was going to be okay. They'd keep an eye out and I was safe. I honestly thought they believed me until I got sent home "for a rest." They thought I was just losing it and once I got home I started questioning it myself. But I know it happened! I remember it really clearly and even one of my friends says she she saw a girl looking at the floor the break before but ignored it.” LS


“My friends always told me stories of these black-eyed children, and I never believed them. But one day, when I was home alone while my Dad was at work, I heard a knock. I went to look through the "eye hole" (I guess you would call it) and saw a little girl, who looked to be twelve, and an older boy, 15 I want to say.

I answered the door to see them both wearing sunglasses and black hats (what looked like they were hiding their faces). I asked them what they wanted, and they said water. I closed and locked the door, went to get water, and brought it to them. When I opened the door again, they looked at me, both were missing hats, which I was almost sure they were wearing earlier. I didn't really questioned it, and gave them the water. I then again asked what they wanted, and they both (in unison) replied, "Help." I asked why they needed help, and they inched towards me, so I backed away, still guarding the doorway. They said let us in, I was kind of creeped out, so I told them no. They asked again, with a more sturdy toned voice, to let us in. I once again said no. So, they reached towards their glasses and removed them.

I remembered what my friends told me, and shut the door. I ran into my bathroom, brought a blanket and hid in the bathtub until my dad got home. I don't know if this was really real, or if it was just some kids pranking me, but I still get creeped out when I hear knocks at my door.” LF

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