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Saturday, February 05, 2022

Bigfoot Terrifies Young Boy on Sugarloaf Mountain, Colorado

A family of 5 purchases a parcel of land on Sugarloaf Mountain near Boulder, Colorado. They build a small cabin and take up full-time residence. In October 1971, their son experiences a Bigfoot encounter.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"This incident occurred in October 1971 after my husband, myself, and our 3 children had moved to land we had purchased on Sugarloaf Mountain, which is west of Boulder, Colorado. My husband managed a tavern at the time and had purchased the five-acre silver mining claim for a song from someone we knew at the bar. We built a tiny 12' x 16' cabin and squeezed ourselves in there on the south side of the mountain about 2/3 of the way along the original little mining road.

The cabin was on the only level land on a heavily treed and rocky parcel of ground. The north side of the cabin snuggled right up against the mountain slope with pine trees all around it. That side of the cabin was two plywood sections high, which would have put it a hair over 16'. We had an oversized plywood platform 'bunk-bed' in the northeast corner of the cabin, with my husband and I, with our baby daughter on the first level and the two boys on the upper level. We put in a little window up there for air and put an inside shutter on it so they could close it when it got really cold. It reached -40 degrees F the first winter we were there.

The incident was during the second autumn there, so it would have been 1971. Our then 5 1/2-year-old son claimed he heard the sound of footsteps in the early evening after hearing a really strange sound. He said it was definitely animal, but he had no words at that age to describe it. He said it sounded like a call of some sort and 'bigger' than an owl (some kind of hooting). Then he heard rustling noises close by to the cabin. When he looked up through the open shutter window, he said he looked right into the face of a "monster." All I know for sure is that I'll certainly never forget his terrified screams!

When he calmed down, he described it as dark and very hairy and 'IT' had a "funny" face and glowing eyes. 'IT' turned and ran away as soon as he started screaming. His brother, who is two years older, slept through the entire incident until his brother's shrieks woke us all up.

With the ground sharply slanted up, we figured something would have had to have been just about 7-8' tall to peer into that upper window. Not being trained trackers, we found no evidence the next day, but our son, who is now almost 35, swears to this day that it was Bigfoot that he saw. And I have always believed him since there was no way in the world that, at his age, he could have made up that precise an auditory and visual image or his terror.

He came over and visited us recently and mentioned that the memory and image has never left him and probably never will." B

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