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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Bigfoot Group Observed Near Carter Caves State Park, Kentucky

A eastern Kentucky hunter is in his tree stand when he witnesses a group of Bigfoot in a meadow Carter Caves State Park. He was surprised at how quiet and human-like they were.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"My dad says he saw Bigfoot when he was 17-years-old. He was hunting in another neighboring rural county, Carter County. Carter County has a place called Carter Caves State Park. Carter Caves, in eastern Kentucky, is a part of a larger cave system called Mammoth Caves. Only a small portion of this system has been explored, though it is still huge. He was on the other side of Carter Caves State Park, just outside of it, not in the park.

He went out about 4 am. Dawn was approaching and it was getting brighter, just enough to see all around him. He was in his homemade tree stand. laying on his belly, propped up on his elbows. A little less than half a football field away, 30 to 40 yards, he saw 3 of these creatures. He said one looked like it may have had a baby on its back, because he saw a moving "lump." They were black or really dark brown, and one had bits of grey. He was just inside a tree line that surrounds a large meadow up at the top of the ridge. Deer will graze in that meadow early. He said they were farther in than him and the ground was sloping downhill. So one may have looked shorter than the other.

He told me two things I'll never forget. First, he said he compared what looked like like larger one, to the high-diving board at a pool. It was about 3 feet taller than that. And the high dive was just a standard 10 feet. The other thing he has said was that they acted like a humans. He said they didn't make any verbal sounds, but it was like he was watching people and not animals.

He mentioned that he watched them for about a minute. I asked him if they looked at him or knew he was there. He didn't know, but he said for something that big, they're awfully quiet. He didn't hear much and after it was over he didn't hear anything else. He said it could have been because all he could hear was his heart beating and that hum that goes with fear.

He later went back to the spot he saw them in, looked at surrounding trees to determine height. Then he went back again with his brothers. This was the early 1970s. I've been to the area as well. I tried to go back some years later, but my dad said the property was passed down to a granddaughter of his acquaintance, the property owner, and he wouldn't drive up there or ask.

When he said it was like they were people is what always intrigued me. He passed in 2014. I'd love to hear that story 1 more time. He only shared it with one other person after he was older. I always wonder when I visit the caves, if they live deep down in them? If they know all these easy secret ways to enter them? And I'll always wondered if they knew he was there in the tree stand." LL
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