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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Bigfoot Eyewitness Reports: South Carolina, Mississippi, Vietnam, & Florida

4 Bigfoot eyewitness reports from South Carolina, Mississippi, Vietnam, and Florida. Have you had a cryptid sighting or encounter that you would like to report? Feel free to contact me.

Various Bigfoot eyewitness accounts forwarded to me:

"It was about10:30 to 11 am during a summer day in eastern South Carolina. Me and a friend were going to a swimming hole and going through the woods to go in the back way to save the 25 cents entrance fee. Cheap in the 1970s.

My friend was ahead of me and I lost sight of him. I was looking for arrowheads at the time. Out of my right eye I noticed a big hairy head looking over the palmettos at me. For a couple of seconds, I froze and we just stared at each other. It seemed like several minutes. Then I heard my friend coming back looking for me. He said, ”What do you see?” I moved my head to the left with my mouth open at him but couldn’t talk. Then I looked back to the creature. The creature turn its head to the right and took two large steps to a old tree dead about fifteen feet tall with some bushes and palmettos at the bottom of the tree. I could see the entire creature, but my friend couldn’t. I was surprised he couldn’t for the creature moved its head to the left of the tree looking at him at about 60 - 80 feet away. It had its right hand on the tree and then with one push the tree made a loud crack and it fell to the right of the trail close to my friend. At the time it pushed the tree it turned to its right and ran. The tree was a distraction I guess. I watched it for about five seconds as it ran on two legs through the palmettos. It had long black hair flowing from its head and body. I thought I had just seen Bigfoot?

Why it ran I don’t know. It could have literally pick us up and ripped us in half. It was about seven feet tall, since the palmettos grow in large clusters to six feet in height. I guess it was surprised to see us and especially that I seen it. It had a face like a human man but much bigger with a hooded nose. Dark eyes with no white visible. I say it looked like a Neanderthal or unknown relic hominoid." FC


"A Bigfoot crossed the road in front of me while traveling the Natchez Trace around the Tishomingo, Mississippi area. IT WAS HUGE! It was around 4:00 pm with a truck coming the other way. This thing just casually walked across the road, didn't look or acknowledged us. It walked just like that old 60's video of one caught on camera in California, but its shoulder width was wider and it was a dark reddish-brown color. My coworker and I stopped and just stared as it disappeared into the woods. But when it hit the tree line, it just made its own path by moving anything in its path away with its arms in such a fluid motion.

The other truck came along side us and pulled over. We were discussing and trying to make sense of what we just saw. We had a few vehicles drive by us and one stopped to ask. We told them what we saw and they said there was a group of them in the area. Locals know where to go or hunt and where not to go. He told us they have learned to live with them. You leave them alone and they will leave you alone. But Lord help you if you piss one off. If you see one, there are probably more in the area. I live in the city and don't have to worry about that." MM


"When I was in Vietnam as an infantryman getting ready to come home, I met a guy from another Army division that worked up in the almost impenetrable forests of the central highlands. He told me that his squad had an angry encounter with one of these 'ape men.'  The ape man surprised them on the trail and took the rifle away from the point man and hit him with it. The men were so shocked that they couldn't even shoot. He described it as human-like, covered in fur, and about six feet tall. It jumped away after hitting the point man. The guy who told me this was dead serious as I saw from the look on his face. I was in the rice paddies so saw little jungle. Much of that area in still unexplored and the squad may have been the first to be there." GT


"I know that these creatures or whatever really exist. I saw a Skunk Ape in South Florida (Greenacres, Fl) while doing a morning walk by myself. At first I saw high branches move, then an hand, arm, and reddish-brown body go through, then disappear quickly. The only sound was a branch crackling sound above and foot step sounds from below. Since it was moving away from me, at least 10 feet, I went in the other direction, as I was very nervous and scared. 

I will never ever forget this encounter. Since I have done both unarmed and armed security, mainly at night, I have seen numerous UFOs and other high strangeness. Why won't they just let us know the damn truth. For me, I know the truth already." GA

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