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Sunday, February 06, 2022

Alien Craft Remnant? OOPArt Discovered in Romania

In 1973, near the city of Aiud, Romania, workers discovered, some 10 meters deep, fossilized bones together with a rather strange object. The bones were Mastodon, and the object was made of an aluminum alloy.

There are enigmatic artifacts found worldwide that simply do not fit the accepted geologic or historical timeline. These ancient anomalies, also referred to as OOPArts (out-of-place artifacts), are objects that by scientific measure are very old, but in form or construction appear to be quite modern. If our current history of the world is correct, they just should not exist. And there are many examples, many more than geologists, archaeologists, and other scientists care to admit. One example I want to emphasis is the Aluminum Wedge of Aiud. This particular artifact is a true enigma.

In 1974, in Romania, east of Aiud, a group of workers, on the banks of the river Mures, discovered three buried objects in a sand trench 10 meters deep. Two of the objects proved to be Mastodon bones, these dating from between the Miocene and the Pleistocene periods.

The third object, the Aluminum Wedge of Aiud, also known as the Object of Aiud, is a mysterious wedge-shaped block of metal similar in some respects to the head of a hammer. The object was sent to the archeological institute of Cluj-Napoca. The examination of this object showed it to weigh about 5lbs. There are two holes of different sizes. The object has two arms. Traces of tool marks can be seen on the sides of the object and at its lowest part. It measures approximately 8″ x 5″ x 3″.

Dr. Niederkorn of the institute for the study of metals and non-metallic minerals located in Magurele, Romania, concluded that the object is comprised of a alloy of an extremely complex metal. Twelve different elements combine to form the Aiud Object. It consists of: 89% aluminum, 6.2% copper, 2.84% silicon, 1.81% zinc, 0.41% lead, 0.33% tin, 0.2% zirconium, 0.11% cadmium, 0.0024% nickel, 0.0023% cobalt, 0.0003% bismuth, and trace of galium.

Furthermore, this strange object is covered with a thick layer of aluminum oxide, which lends credence to its antiquity. After the analysis of this aluminum oxide layer, specialists have confirmed that the object is a minimum of 300 to 400 years old.

The fact that this strange metal object was found alongside Mastadon bones does cause one to wonder and raises many issues. These findings helped to ignite a heated debate within the scientific community.

The results puzzled the researchers because pure aluminum was not readily obtainable until the middle of the 19th century. Aluminum is not found freely in nature, but is combined with other minerals. The manufacturing process requires 1,000 degrees of heat. It has been thought that only in the last 100 years or so has the technology existed to successfully separate the materials from the mineral bearing ore.

Other specialists claim that the object could be 20,000 years old because it was found in a layer with mastodon bone. Perhaps this particular specimen lived in the latter part of the Pleistocene.

While some think it could be the piece of a tool made by man today (it is not specified what tool could be) other scientists have compared the object with a reduced version of the point of support of a space exploration module, such as the Lunar module or the leg of the Viking probe.

According to this second version, the object could have belonged to a non-terrestrial spacecraft, or a piece of terrestrial spacecraft that fell into the river. However, neither the antiquity dated by the examination of the oxide layer, nor the one assumed by the geological stratum in which it was found, have been able to explain what function fulfilled an object of such a modern technology, in such a remote time.

The Aluminum Wedge of Aiud remains a mystery.


1. The Aluminum Wedge of Aiud (also called the object of Aiud) is a mysterious artifact of uncertain origin in the shape of a wedge, which was found at an archeological site near the Roman town of Aiud, allegedly near by a mammoth skeleton.

It is composed of 89% aluminum covered by a thick oxide layer. The thickness of this oxide layer is said to be confirmation that the object is anachronistic, at least three-hundred or four-hundred years old.

The Aluminum Wedge of Aiud is often cited as "proof" that aliens visited earth at earlier times, because aluminum was difficult to produce in quantity before 1825. Most scientists, however, believe that this object is a fake.

2. The Aluminum Wedge of Aiud (also called object of Aiud) is a mysterious body in form of a wedge, which was found at digging works near the Roman town Aiud. It consists of 89% of aluminum, which is covered by a thick oxide layer.

The thickness of this layer is said to be so strong as it would lay over a million years in the ground. The Aluminum Wedge of Aiud is often cited as "proof" that aliens visited earth at earlier times, because there were no possibilities to produce aluminum before 1825. Most scientists however, believe that this object, which existence is not clear, is questionable.

Fischinger, Lars A. - 'Das Rätsel von Aiud' (The Mystery of Aiud)

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